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Dreamweaver 8 template not updating

dreamweaver 8 template not updating-76

Using Word Press you can add content to your website without hiring anyone.You can create as many pages as you need at any time.

Let’s talk about which one is better for your business website.You can also use manged Word Press hosting who can do this for you.HTML is the markup language used to display web pages.They will use HTML, CSS, Java Script and some other technologies to build your website.CMS software like Word Press use database to store and retrieve content.If you are certain that you will never want to update, change, or add anything new to your website, then by all means go for a HTML website. If you want to have the freedom and control of your website and not waste money on monthly retainers paying developers to add images, then Word Press is obviously the better choice.

For those who want grow their business website to make you more money, then Word Press is the way to go forward.

There is plenty of help available to get over this learning curve quickly, but it will take a little effort.

Maintenance – You will be responsible for keeping Word Press, installed plugins, and themes up to date.

Most websites on the internet use HTML with a variety of markup and scripting languages to create web pages.

Typically you will need to hire a web developer to create an HTML website for your business.

Having said that, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using Word Press.