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DH: TOAD has adapted to the industry's needs over the years.I feel the input from TOAD comes from the fact Quest Software solicits its TOAD customers for ideas and suggestions, and these ideas and suggestions end up in the tool. But Quest has built a second version of TOAD as a base platform to support other database platforms (e.g.

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At that time (mid '90s), it was the only good general purpose, graphical user interface into Oracle databases.It is so easy to look things up in Oracle, find where particular columns are used, find some code with a partial name, etc.I use TOAD to maintain my tablespaces as well, VERY easily. I regularly promote TOAD and its ease of use with tuning tasks, the PL/SQL profiler, and even the PL/SQL debugger works better than the competition. SQL Developer has been on the market almost 10 years less than TOAD.First, this one tool can do almost anything they may need to do.And second, the productivity enhancements help to guarantee that work gets done within reasonable budget — in terms of both time and cost.And for POC projects that are usually time-constrained, that time is often critical for success.

DH: Nothing really comes to mind, but TOAD regularly saves me tons of time, though.

BS: Between commercial and freeware there is somewhere around two million users.

Basically many people see TOAD as their primary tool of choice for all things Oracle for two reasons.

Oracle experimented back then with several Windows tools (e.g.

Procedure Builder and Database Manager), but none of them stood the test of time. When I got the chance to join the TOAD team and family and to become one of the architects or product designers, I jumped at the chance.

Available as a freeware or as a commercial product from Quest Software, TOAD now boasts some two million users.