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Electro spin resonance dating

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He found that energy healers actually EMIT these frequencies and this was confirmed by Japanese researcher Seto on Chi Kung practitioners. The earth is a living organism, and if there were a heartbeat to the earth it would be the Schumann resonance frequencies.

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These frequencies are excited mainly by lightning strikes (5000 lightning strike every minute) in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere, but can also be induced by solar flares.Let’s take a closer look at the two components of frequency that the earth emits.The first is the resonant frequency of the Ionosphere called the Schumann Resonance and the second is the actual frequency of the earth’s magnetic field called the geomagnetic frequency.Finally and perhaps most incredible is the research of Dr.Zimmerman, co-pioneer of the SQUID technology developed for measuring very weak magnetic fields. It’s interesting that you can easily rearrange the word “Earth” and get “Heart”.More than 7 million lightning strikes the earth each day, which “ring” the proverbial bell of the ionosphere that chimes to the note of 7.83 and higher harmonics or octaves (as we’ll see).

This natural frequency pulsation is not a fixed number, but an average of global readings, though the primary fundamental frequency is usually close to 7.83 Hz.

The lowest frequencies in this spectrum are radio waves that can have a wavelength up to several hundred miles.

Then, in order of increasing frequency, there is microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet light, x-rays, gamma rays and cosmic rays.

Notice we can only “see” a small tiny “slice” or portion of the electromagnetic spectrum which is visible light.

The Sun is a source of most of the electromagnetic rays we experience on a daily basis, which is mostly from the infrared through the visible to the ultraviolet end of the spectrum.

The chart to the left summarizes the Body – Mind – Earth Connection.