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Epg not updating

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Recently I found that no programs were scheduled for recording on my Media PC.This is pretty much unheard of in my household so this started ringing some alarm bells.

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I am also on a discussion with Rovi on this via Twitter.3/16/2016 update: I have received reports that the guide is now updating correctly and in my environment it now has program data until the 29th so this issue appears to be resolved now.1) This does appear to be happening again to multiple systems as multiple people have reported this in their comments and I am seeing it as well.Reference links: Summary: In my environment I was able to work around the issue by trying a variety of local zip codes until one of them would populate the television guide data correctly.Suggestions: For Microsoft on this issue going forward it’s critical to the user community that the guide data is available for all locations.2) The guide does appear to be downloading but it does not have any data beyond 4/4/2016 I will update with any resolutions that I find here.

If you are having this issue as well, please log it to the following URL if you can get to the site:

Workaround Details: The steps which I took to work around this issue are as follows: You can put in your own zip code and find others around you.

As an example if you live in Houston: UPDATE: I have gathered all of the valid zip code information which I’ve been able to find online and combined it at: https://com/redir? 52294 A failure to get data for the zip code you entered will show up with an error like the one shown below.

I want to assure you all that we are working on those issues, however.

Daily, we are gathering all the issues reported, collating them by issue type, and following up on them as a group.

A subset of their comments are listed below and were provided by a forum on The Green Button: Open.