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He now undid a few buttons of his shirt while looking at me speculatively."My wife's been away over a month now and I'm missing female company." He was staring openly at my legs so I uncrossed and parted them slightly, smiling at Pravin as I did so.

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"We didn't fancy the corner shop trade," he explained.He did so and after filling the can with petrol refused payment for the can or petrol.In fact he simply waved at the attendant and climbed back into the car."No, I lost that years ago," I smiled, resting my hand on Pravin's trouser clad thigh as his began running up mine.Pravin's breathing quickened when his fingers reached my panties, and he kissed me.I was missing my weekly sex sessions with Mousy now that I'd finished at Uni and really fancied the suave and handsome Pravin.

I was also enjoying the role of seductress and saying it was rather warm slipped my cardigan off, making sure my skirt rode even higher in the process.

"Decided to try our luck with this instead and it's paid off handsomely." Returning to my car Pravin poured the petrol in for me and then we drove in convoy to the petrol station where the attendant was instructed to fill the car up for me, free of charge.

I realized it was my lucky day, though at that moment didn't realize just how lucky.

On his return Pravin told me they were all away visiting relations in India. "And have you an ulterior motive in asking me in to your empty house for coffee," I smiled at Pravin, ensuring my skirt rode higher as I crossed my legs.

Pravin's freshening up had included removing his jacket and tie.

Tell me a story about our love and my wetness will engulf you.