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I am using the vac, and its two different sized heads only, not the spray bottle.

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What were your impressions from the first few uses of the Window Vac? I'd seen the advert and presumed it wouldn't be THAT good, but it is. I like having clean windows, but I hate drying them and getting rid of the smears.First of all, thank you for choosing my family to test out the Window Vac.I had been planning on buying one the next time they were in a sale so I'm so glad I saw this product trial!It looked complicated and one of my reasons for wanting to test it was to see if it saved me some time as I feel like I have no time therefore I felt stressed about trying to work out how to use it.It was really straightforward though and took no time to set up.I don't think I've ever cleaned a window so effectively as I have with the vac. Once I had cleaned my patio doors, I started looking round the house looking for other places to use the vac on! Patio doors, all the windows in the house (inside and outside), mirrors, worktops when there is excess water from washing up/draining and the front door window. At first I thought it would be the kind of appliance where we'd keep it in the garage with the carpet cleaner and the car cleaning things.

After a few uses, has your Window Vac changed your cleaning regime at all? But, I already have rearranged my cleaning cupboard under the sink so that the Karcher window vac is always easily in reach.

I anticipated it to be like a steam cleaner as I have seen lots of them advertised and was disappointed initially when i realised it wasn't however the ease of use and speed of cleaning make me pleased with it so I imagine i would recommend it. Was there one particular application which really impressed you? I would have payed someone to give the result it gave especially in so little time. I have shiny kitchen cupboard doors and I did them with it although the handles got a bit in the way they still look better than they did beforehand and with sticky toddler fingers smudging all over them this is normally a daily tedious job.

I am keen to try it on my tiled floor but don't want to dirty up the cloth head too much so soon.

20 Netmums members have been testing the Krcher Window Vac and have been leaving their reviews in the thread below why not have a read and see what they think!

The Krcher Window Vac gives you streak-free windows in a flash.

This rechargeable handheld vac is lightweight and easy to use, with a powerful lithium-ion battery that can clean up to 45 windows in just one charge, as well as mirrors, tiles, shower screens and even spills on floors and worktops.