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Filipina internet dating scam warnings

Now, my experience has been that despite poverty, the majority of Filipinos I know are honorable, religious, hard-working people. It’s the same old game with different locations and different tales. The first thing you gotta realize is that the local con artists spot you right away.Times are tough for them but they don’t let hard times compromise their spiritual values for the most part as a society.) who simply are not to be trusted. Whether you ever plan to come to the Philippines or not, these shady characters exist in your home town as well. The difference is that with a larger middle-class you may not cross paths with them quite so often. But no matter what the country, it’s the same old con game. You stick out like a hillbilly at a wine tasting function.

When you know you couldn’t locate them if they suddenly disappeared.. If they are genuine, like I said, they won’t be insisting you follow them blindly on some course of action. Let’s say you meet someone new and decide to have lunch with them one day. And like I said, it’s not just strangers you gotta keep an eye out for.I’d been there plenty of times with buddies and wasn’t going to take my boys there after dark. I’ve seen it in Mexico and I’ve seen it here in the Philippines.But a short tour for the afternoon as we got some lunch was a real eye-opener for them at what the ‘real world’ can become. Consider the following statistics taken from a study done ten years ago..trying to be sneaky and will lie their face off if confronted.They will swear on all that is holy that it wasn’t them and even when caught on video they will say it was someone else.But the brother or sister of his, or the maid in the house..

they will steal the shirt off your back in a New York minute.

That’s it, that’s all the justification they need to salve their conscience about taking your watch, wallet, money, laptop, cell phone or anything else you didn’t keep your eye on while they were in the vicinity.

These people are not so much con artists as they are unrepentant petty thieves.

They are that predisposed to seizing an opportunity when it comes up. losing some valuables on an ongoing basis will help you see it a little clearer. Another guy, owned a piece of property and hired a guy to be caretaker for it. Just a “you can afford it” attitude with no pang of guilt crossing his mind or heart. According to the caretaker he hired, pigs kept ‘disappearing or dying’. they see a chance to take something and they take it.

I know one guy who over the years has gone through at least six maids. In reality, he found out the caretaker was selling them off whenever he felt like having some extra cash.. They might be a contractor, a gardener, a maid, caretaker or family member. Because this is by far the most likely thing you will run into as a foreigner here.

Now, in the last few years Hollywood has done a bit to improve the area.. Well, back in the mid 90’s it was every bit as grungy as it had ever been.