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Fit and healthy speed dating

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“When you really want to do something, the whole universe conspires to help you achieve it! Even if you did believe, you may not be in a position to realise when it actually happens! He immediately told me he knows a friend who does a similar thing in Delhi/ Bangalore and that I should get in touch with them. I gave the primary outline in my mail and slept off. In my usual anxious self, I told my colleague at work about the mail I wrote the previous night.

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Fintern Fever #2 kicks off in Sydney on Thursday, 2 June 2016. For the second year running, Fintern is offering Aussie students the chance to score an internship with one of its high-growth start-ups.The catch is that you need to prove your a good fit via a "speed dating" pitch.It’s a chance to enjoy a drink, some food and unwind after a challenging gym session, and get to know each other better.Whether you meet the love of your life or you just rediscover your love of fitness, it will be a unique experience.Each start-up will deliver a 30-second pitch to the students, followed by a six-minute window for the students to promote themselves.

The best 'matches' are then paired up with the offer of an internship.

We chat our way through as the sun finds its way through the horizon in the west.

Choosing which tech startup to join can be tough for would-be interns.

The speed dating session is beautifully simple - 10 men, 10 women, and 10 exercise stations.

Each man and women will have just two minutes on each interactive station to workout together before they move on to a new partner.

The Founder of Speed Meet calls me from Delhi around 1.40 pm. Initially hesitant, I get a grip on myself and start speaking to the manager and explain him how the event is going to start and how it will proceed and how it will end. The second reason why the event was running smoothly was that there was a genuine interest and demand to meet people. Yet, the pace at which the event moved forward was a pleasure to watch.