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If you rent, you can get evicted" if you are arrested for prostitution, Monet says.

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They were very open about it." The Internet is where most clients find prostitutes these days, "especially someone of (Spitzer's) status," Grant says."There's an illusion of privacy." Grant is now a writer and consultant to St.James Infirmary, a free clinic for sex workers in San Francisco.Sage provides counseling and other services to sex workers and their clients, and Hotaling has seen plenty of men like Spitzer hire prostitutes. Your wife, your family, other people don't," Hotaling says."The more obsessive and compulsive it gets, the more money they're spending (on call girls) that should be going toward their family and food.Streetwalkers, often low-income minority women, are rounded up - often as part of gentrification campaigns - because they are highly visible.

High-end agencies are targeted because that's where the money is. It looks better than busting some lonely escort working at her apartment," Monet says.

The best way to avoid trouble is to "use your intuition" and remain clean and sober.

Monet was married and living a typical suburban lifestyle when she was a self-employed escort.

In that market segment, $1,000 per hour "sounds pretty average to me," she says.

Monet says there are three basic ways to make a living as an escort: work for an agency, set yourself up in business or walk the streets. It's great if you are young and not sure this is what you want to do," Monet says, but most women don't last more than a few months with an agency.

The New York Times reported that the real name of the woman identified as ...