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Unfortunately, many of those who are disabled simply are worn out and can no longer even try to work.But they still need some kind of income or financial support somewhere.

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Delicious catered lunches and two snacks a day are provided, along with transportation and a bright, positive, and affirming environment. Our center is primarily for individuals with special needs who are transitioning from high school.We accept cases throughout Kentucky and Indiana, and even the region as a whole! I specialize in treating depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder; however, I can assess, diagnose and treat many others.If your case goes to court, you’ll be represented by a very experienced legal representative, one whom has helped hundreds of people just like you get the benefits they deserve.Why risk losing your case or delaying the hiring of an experienced law firm just because you do not know the “ins” and “outs” of the legal process?That’s why government benefits programs are in place to provide for bills and living expenses.

Qualifying for these programs can be a major challenge.

Our center is primarily designed for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, but we also offer Saturday respite for seniors.

We have a Spring and Summer break program for individuals who are 18 yrs. Trained and licensed nursing staff oversee care for individuals with chronic medical needs.

When you work with Becker Law Office, you are assured of having the experience you need to get the benefits you deserve!

Don’t delay — contact Becker Law Office today at our offices in Louisville or Lexington.

We also offer a Spring and Summer break program for individuals who are 18 yrs.