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Free alternative lifestye hookups

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when they did provide an app option, people were upset that the chat rooms were taken away.If you go onto the site from your desktop computer, you have an option of chat rooms and if you go onto the site from your phone.. Neither option is up to par, and this should serve as a lesson to Grindr to get their act together before they go the way of 4) Grommr This particular gay app is even more niche-driven then Growlr is.

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My list is completely spam free, and you can opt out at any time.It's a great tool to use when planning a trip to know whether you'll be striking it rich, or coming up empty.The only downside is that you can't filter based on age unless you have a paid membership for the app.Check out examples of some of the Twitter comments here and here that my friend deemed funniest, see if you agree :) While the outage was happening, I'd written a post yesterday entitled 'Four alternative things to do when Grindr stops a grinding :)'.This morning, I was thinking of some alternate gay app dating sites that could pose a threat to Grindr if additional outages were to occur.This particular app appeals to gainers, admirers, encouragers, bloaters, etc.

In short, this particular app appeals to guys wanting to gain weight and the men that get turned on by it, as well as, men that encourage the gainers.

, Tinder is the harbinger of today's hookup-fuelled "dating apocalypse." But the truth of the matter is, hooking up isn't anything new (and may in fact be hardwired into our genetics).

And as for Tinder, sure, it can be used for swiftly finding a one-night stand, but there are plenty of other apps that are better suited for that task.

The former leader of gay hook-ups lost their way for a number of reasons.

One was not providing an app when droids/I-phones became popular, second was upgrading their chat systems that caused long-term outages, and finally..

It's an interesting fetish that goes to show how diverse the gay male community truly is. if you aren't into gaining weight, not turned on by it, I don't think this is the app for you.