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By the end of the course, students have encountered representative passages of a variety of prose and poetry, and are prepared to continue with a wide range of material.Latin III will offer a regular course of readings from the text anthology focusing primarily on Republican Rome, regular reading in the history texts, and vocabulary and grammar quizzing and review.

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Need someone who is experienced in looking after a little before as I don't want to get hurt when giving you all of me to love and have!Students read all assigned passages from the De Bello Gallico and the Aeneid, with an eye to the nuances of language and the literary features of both works, including Latin metrics and figures of speech, as well as their cultural and political backgrounds.We begin with fairly moderate readings; as students improve in fluency and stamina, we work up to reading about 120 lines of Vergil in a week.Kindly respond with details sufficient to warrant a reply from a very busy but very cordial woman.Are you new to this so if you know how this works and want to lead the way, give a guide tour then please feel free?Scholars Online employs a unique approach to Classical Christian education, rooted in a respectful community of people holding a wide range of beliefs.

We have been offering exceptionally rigorous academic content to students for over a decade.

Examine our curricula in any area, and you'll see why our students are academically competitive on the national and international stage.

Our no-shortcuts approach provides an honest, robust path to the process of living the life of the mind in Christ.

Scholars Online teacher Alexandra Dascalu introduces a new literature course this fall for Middle School.

Readers just beginning to understand story as literature will be able develop critical thinking skills needed for high school courses in The Thought Plickens through analysis of character, plot, and themes in classical children's novels like Alice in Wonderland, Swallows and Amazons, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and Treasure Island.

The AP Exam is not required but a student who completes the course successfully will be prepared to take it.