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In November 2007 I began my photo-essay on a group of sex workers based in south Mumbai, who work with SAI – a small NGO – on the Didi (Sister) Project.

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Due to a lack of education and severe poverty, many of them continue to have unprotected sex.They feel empowered, with a new-found sense of self-respect as well as respect within the community.It has given some of them a reason to live, a purpose.She is also generous, strong, determined and has an amazing sense of humour. Like most teenagers, Jyoti loves music and make-up. They raped me, beat me and burned me with cigarettes. But after about three years he changed, and started beating me and my daughters. But when I get a foreigner – American or British – they pay me 1000 rupees and they take me to a hotel. They are from all walks of life: family men, business men.She would like to be a policewoman so that she can help women like her sister and mother, but she did not finish her education. When I was younger I used to see 30 or 40 clients every day. After one month a man came who paid 20,000 rupees to take me out of the brothel. I don’t tell any of them I’m HIV positive, otherwise I wouldn’t get any work at all. I pay 50 rupees per day for my [room] in the brothel.But I wanted to do something to help others, to help my sisters.

So I found out about SAI, went to their van and asked about working with them. I am getting respect in society, and I’m saving lives of others by teaching the risks of HIV and STIs.

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When I was young I wanted to be a doctor or a police woman, because these jobs are respectable.

But my mother became ill and there were financial problems at home, so my sister had to work as a prostitute.

In south Mumbai’s red light districts there are an estimated 100,000 brothel-based sex workers. A high proportion of the women and girls have been sold into sex work, often by a relative or a trusted family friend; others are born into it.