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We offer a number of chat rooms that host London chat over our three main chat forums.

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You can also conduct free face-to-face video calls if you also have a webcam (again, built into most available laptops).You install the software on your PC or Mac, register to receive your phone number, and you're ready to receive calls, or place them at no charge to phones in the U. However, the Magic Jack only works when your computer is turned on.Modern computers don't suck all that much power, so it's not necessarily a deal-breaker, but it certainly isn't ideal.When you click on "Connect," Google first calls your own phone.Then, when you answer, it dials the number you want to call.After that you just need to call from the same phone number to enjoy your time on Interactive Male; the hottest gay chatline around.

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Both Magic Jack and Net Talk Duo offer emergency 911 calling and voicemail service, but Net Talk Duo throws in a cool feature: you can have voicemail messages e-mailed to you if you like for point-and-click playback.

Net Talk Duo does have the edge when it comes to tech support, with live agents you can call (Magic Jack support is online only). Given the variety of network routers and high-speed Internet providers out there, a quick word of warning is justified here.

If you don't already have the sound and/or video gear required, the host of inexpensive options are available, from wired headsets to wireless models to high-definition webcams with very sensitive built-in microphones. Not included in any of the above is the ability to receive Skype calls from someone calling from a standard phone.

One of the most comfortable choices, which also delivers excellent sound, is a phone handset that plugs right into the computer's USB port. Of course, asking the person you're calling to gear up for computer-to-computer calling is a bit pushy, but Skype will gladly let you call a regular phone number for a few cents a minute. You can pay extra ($18 for three months) to have a phone number assigned to your Skype connection. If you keep your standard telephone service, though, these incoming call services aren't terribly important.

Net Talk Duo is the higher-priced alternative, though, at $69.95 with 1 year of unlimited calling to the U. We had no trouble at all getting either the Magic Jack or Net Talk Duo installed, and voice quality was fine — about what you'd get with a cell phone.