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The media stayed silent about the change and while apparently featuring paid ads for Pride the Manchester Evening News reported: "as usual The Gay Village will be closed to people who do not have wristbands." That was a lie and gives a glimpse into the ways things work. The bottom line is that you no longer need a wristband or pass to walk along the streets of the gay village during Manchester Pride or to visit friends or residents who live in the fenced area. You won't get into others or the events that are on private land.These days no matter where you go and what people you move around with one single topic which has always been a common one in terms of discussion is none other than the issue of weight loss.These days the rate of obesity has been increasing with a very fast pace and people are going through many troubles due to this problem.While at the same time watching the charity fundraising dwindle in real terms.Minutes of a meeting held in November 2002 (read more on com) have come to light at which all concerned (police, organisers, LGF, city council and Marketing Manchester) were told they could not charge to enter streets that were closed.Many people were allowed to walk into the streets of the gay village without buying a wristband (see a video).

Though, naturally they weren't allowed into the "event areas" on private land (car parks etc.).

The police are paid around 50,000 by Manchester Pride (as they are for other events). In Manchester in 2014 a commercial "pride" event paid and used the police to prevent peaceful campaigners from exercising their entirely lawful right to walk along public streets. Those who are on the LGBT gravy train have stayed silent and it will come back to haunt them in years to come.

While others, presumably, are too intimdated to criticise the unlawful actions of a so-called "pride." The police and Manchester City Council were eager to lay the blame at the feet of Manchester Pride and things were very different at the event in August 2015.

In effect, Manchester Pride's longstanding business model has been dismantled.

It was cruel -- it excluded LGBT people from the gay streets of Manchester and their usual local pubs (some of which were happy to allow them in) during a "pride" if they didn't buy a costly ticket.

This was known just before the event in August 2014 thanks to letters from the Department For Transport.