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It could be a young woman from your neighbourhood, maybe the daughter of a friend, or the girl next door.

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She believes he does not remember her from years ago. 22, 2014, a profile for afgstylz with a photo of Khairzad appeared on another dating site called Rate My Body.Some of the profile fits Khairzad's history: he is 31, about 5-foot-10, he does have "some college" education and lives in Hamilton.Khairzad is out of prison, confirms Correctional Services Canada. Parole Board of Canada documents show Khairzad was out on statutory release in November 2012.A smashing chance to view quality romance and super hot sex scenes in mind blowing positions.Only HD solo videos starring some of the finest pieces of ass on this planet."Kindness and easy to get along with are what I'm most known for," the profile says.

It is unmistakably Khairzad's photo and it is the same username — afgstylz83 — he frequently went by in chat groups and on gaming and dating sites before his arrest.

A violent serial rapist listed on the national sex offender registry appears to be looking for a girlfriend on a Hamilton dating website.

A profile for Najim Khairzad, who pleaded guilty in 2009 to raping four women — choking some nearly to the point of unconsciousness — is on Plenty of Fish, a free matchmaking service.

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Khairzad, a 25-year-old Mohawk College student, was arrested. A third woman came forward with another plate number, registered to another member of Khairzad's immediate family.