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The show's last season saw a 36-percent tumble with an average of 2.8 million viewers, Variety reported.

Priyanka spent Monday in Miami after promoting her new film in the southern city, surrounded by friends as she spent time relaxing by the pool of her resort and jumping in the ocean.There are many legends behind the origin of the name Vijayawada.Goddess Durga killed the demon and relaxed in this place for some time.Priyanka plays villain Victoria Leeds in the new movie, a woman who uses the beach to smuggle in drugs.'She has a point to prove,' the actress told Entertainment Weekly in April. She’s not just a random woman with money, she’s self-made.This is not just drugs and money for her, it’s power.' The gorgeous star recently opened up about being bullied as a teen while attending high school in the US. I was like, “OK, I don’t even have to study, and I would get A’s.”'So I had this devious plan in my head [to move from India].While dressed in the same green and white patterned bikini, the former Miss World winner wore a brown and black patterned kaftan over her swimsuit and black flip flops.

The stunning star also shielded her flawless skin from the sun, wearing a wide-brimmed beige straw hat with a black band around it.

Vijayawada history reveals that Bezawada (Vijayawada) was ruled by King Madhava Varma (one of the kings of Vishnukundina dynasty).

Chinese Buddhist scholar Xuanzang stayed few years in Bezawada (Vijayawada) in around 640 A. to copy and study the Abhidhamma Pitaka, the last of the three pitakas (Pali for baskets) constituting the Pali canon, the scriptures of Theravada Buddhism.

There is a rational reason behind the name changed.

At the time of Odisha (Gajaptis) kings ruled this area, they wrote and pronounced Vijayawada as Bizayawada, because of they don't have the letter V in Odisha Lipi.

She also wore dark sunglasses and flashed the camera her famous smile.