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That said, it’s also fine to look at a set of uncontested facts—in this case, a trove of intimate text messages sent by a man in his 30s to a high school student—and conclude that Galen Baughman was doing something he shouldn’t have been doing.

About two months ago, Baughman’s work was abruptly interrupted when he found out that his probation officer suspected him of violating the terms of his release.Galen Baughman had been out of prison for about three years when he came to Queens last spring to meet a friendly crowd of reporters, activists, and academics over lox and bagels.Baughman, then 31 years old, had been invited to tell the story of how he came to be incarcerated and labeled a sex offender.According to the Despite Virginia’s best efforts, Baughman won his freedom in 2012, at which point he was placed on probation and added to the state’s sex offender registry.Upon his release, he set about becoming an activist on behalf of the population he would later start calling “my people.” He co-founded a nonprofit called the Center for Sexual Justice, dedicated to changing “the cultural beliefs leading to unjust sex laws that effectively target sexual minorities.” He got a job as communications director for Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants, or CURE, a criminal justice reform group. On one occasion he briefed me on a vindictive new law that made it harder for people on the sex offender registry to travel internationally.He started attending conferences, showing up at important court hearings, and networking with other people in the movement. On another, he helped me secure an interview with a transgender woman being held in civil commitment.

In the year I’ve known Baughman, he has become an increasingly visible and active spokesman for sex offender rights.

He has been interviewed as an expert by prominent media outlets.

He wrote a noted essay about civil commitment for podcast, and he delivered a TEDx Talk called “Are We All Sex Offenders?

”), shares wisdom (“If you’re magnetic, you can draw people into you and hold them there—they buy into you, believe you, love you”), and boasts (“My work is helping people and winning ever-increasing support! In many of the messages, Baughman seems to be grasping for the teenager’s attention and pressuring him to talk on the phone: “Am I still on your list for tonight? ” At other points, he appears to be upset, badgering the teenager about his commitment to their friendship.

“Since you’ve never answered the question about whether you care about me,” he writes in one message, “it’s pretty clear what the answer is.” Baughman surrendered to Virginia authorities last weekend.

This list will be used to share information with everyone about what’s happening & coordinate efforts.” Some in Baughman’s circle did answer his call, including Charlie Sullivan, Baughman’s former boss at CURE, and Roger Lancaster, an anthropologist at George Mason University and the author of the 2011 book .