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Sometimes people try to act as your friend but they are not,” he said. “Keep in mind that all the conversations, even if it says this is a secret chat or private chat, it's not really that secret because in every phone, there's a function to do a screen capture,” he said. “But when you have 10 people or more than that, and there are some people you don't really know, and those people start adding more people you never heard of before, that's going to be a problem.Arthit said it is best to add a person face to face to ensure you are adding the correct user. You have more and more people you probably don't trust.

Photo by Kimimasa Mayama/EPA MANILA, Philippines – Hooked on LINE, Whats App or Path?They also offered advice for users to protect their privacy and security. We Chat allows you to speak so it removes the barrier of illiteracy,” he said. In Thailand, Arthit Suriyawongkul of the Thai Netizen Network said LINE became so popular even whole families are in it.'Removing barriers but...' Lobsang Gyatso of the Tibet Action Institute said that chat apps drastically changed communication in Tibet. He said though that there is a flipside to chat app use in Tibet, citing the case of a female Tibetan activist whose chat transcripts from an app were used to send her to jail. Think how bad would it be if the information is being mined. “A typical mom would use LINE to ask kids: 'Did you pray today?“People in Tibet are able to communicate fast for the first time with We Chat. “With We Chat and apps, how much information is there? ' Our mom, dad would say, 'It's almost midnight, come home.Before, people find out about an event a month later. There are rumors there would be bombs in Bangkok.' Rumors also circulate on LINE.The idea is to inform users about how these apps work so they make better decisions,” said Masashi Crete-Nishihata, research manager at Citizen Lab.

Citizen Lab and Internet activists in Asia talked about their experience and observations of chat app use in China, Tibet, Thailand and South Korea – countries which imposed restrictions on free speech on these platforms in varying degrees.

“Now they notify us whether our information was given or not.

We are gathering plaintiffs to instigate a lawsuit claiming damages for emotional distress.

At the Rights Con Southeast Asia forum in Manila on Tuesday, March 24, global Internet stakeholders said that while Asians become increasingly reliant on chat apps for multiple functions, threats to their privacy and security are also becoming prevalent.

The Citizen Lab, based at the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto in Canada, presented a study on chat apps in China and other Asian countries.

The thing is those people can go back in time through the history of this group to read the earlier conversation.” Instead of turning a private group public, Arthit recommends creating a new public group and deleting the old private group. Because some people we know got arrested because of this.