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The general picture that is painted by the media is biased and unsubstantiated.The impression that some Muslims give to the world is often not a true reflection of the religion, one that is the completion of all religions.

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It's so funny now - I am SO excited about flying to NYC for the Soarfest. I am new here - here because on Friday I will be flying to Texas from Boston to see my son... I think its quite possible I will kiss my husband at the airport and go home! Dial (805) 309-2350 When asked, enter 9352101 followed by the # sign. Within 24 hours, you will receive a chat invitation email from Captain Tom with instructions to set up your membership.Become a chat member and have access to transcripts of previous chats. What usually happens, is this: one "what if" thought (what if the wings fall off, what if the pilot is drunk, what if there is a terrorist, etc.) will cause just one shot of adrenalin.You can't control them consciously no matter how hard you try. I'm supposed to have service as soon as we move in, but I don't know yet whether that will be on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.The key is to CHANGE the unconscious processes so they simply do not cause those feelings. I will be around here this weekend and will still have access to my email.Please call me tomorrow at 877 332-7359, or at 10 PM, switch over the the free group counseling session. I did the 54321 exercise which was good for the very moment but still lots of anxiety in between. I was so calm and at ease and was able to finish a book. Jenny, we do supply letters for our clients, but we don't want to give letters to people who have not done the work to be able to do well; otherwise, crews could get the idea the program doesn't work. Think how many times you would do that in a day if you stayed home.

Capt Tom, I followed the program and did fine on the plane. Allie, those statistics only give you a LOGICAL reason to understand you are doing the right thing. The Strengthening Exercise will fix that, so please start working on the DVDs, or email me and I'll set you up for Complete Relief.

Over 1,400 years ago, Islam raised the status of women from a position of oppression to one of liberation and equality.

In an era when women were considered possessions, Islam restored women to a position of dignity.

I got meds from the doctor and i still couldn't board the plane. If I see the Pilot before boarding the plane (like when he & the co-pilot walk thru the boarding area) is it okay to approach him then or just wait until I board the plane? We'll be coming back here for the weekend and then moving on Monday. The move alone is overwhelming, but I wasn't expecting to feel this sad about leaving my office. And as I said, it was harder to say goodbye to some people than I was expecting.

I am so freaking terrified and i just can't see myself ever flying again. Powerful - and overpowering - emotions are triggered by unconscious processes. I knew I would feel sad, since it has been 18 years and I am very attached, but I feel worse than i thought I would. Kim, I shouldn't really lose it for long (but who ever knows).

Can a religion that considers morality to be a part of faith clearly define the equality of men and women and their rights and responsibilities?