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Yes there were problems sometimes with appliances and the apartment in itself, but that honestly did not get to me when I considered that 1) the location was so peaceful and safe 2) The leasing team always made sure that they would fix the problems asap 3) the apartment team itself is an amazing team comprised of folks who just want to do their works the best they can and spread some joy as best as they can. Air conditioning unit so loud and old that the tv had to be on the highest level in order to hear over the noise.

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The apartments are tucked away from the busy Southside Blvd and has lots of woods behind it so it is extremely quiet.Would have to turn the water off while lathering up in the shower because the water would turn cold. Tenants do not curb their dogs and there is literally ---- everywhere.After another raise in rent and nothing from the complex to justify I decided I could pay less somewhere better.Had carpet cleaned several times during my stay there.Was told that since the stain was so small it could be cut our and that portion replaced.I've lived in Evergreen Club for about a year and a half, and unfortunately left because of work related reasons, it has been the most welcoming, homey, and understandable place one could ever live in.

It is located in a quaint and kinda hidden area of southside which is reasonably near a publix and a bank, the location itself granted a very good sense of security and it was always peaceful with quiet and more than decent neighbors.

They tend to "patch" things up rather than replace them within the first few tries.

These apartments are older and it shows with their appliances, at least for my apartment it did.

Needless to say my unit was clean upon move out inspection and I was told there was a spot on the carpet that I would have to pay for.

Fine, the carpet was old and had a few stains when we moved in.

I asked if this carpet was new when I moved in and of course the answer was no.