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Lisa’s book is the only one that cover those two aspects.

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They all offer some really good tips and advice for travelers like myself, but none about the real (non-commercial) spiritual immersion and the mystery-shrouded life of the indigenous people.From relationships with locals, to cultural norms and business practices, to ancient Incan mysticism and spirituality, to the use of plants for healing or recreational purposes, Lisa articulates the pros and cons in ways that should enrich the reader both in comprehension and practice.Her time spent with the indigenous Q’ero people, many of whom live primitively in the high Andes Mountains, is insightful and instructive for anyone who wishes to engage with them, particularly those philanthropists who desire to help while minimizing negative, unintended consequences of their assistance.I've been there a few times and have met only beautiful joyous people, but I also have an understanding that not all cultures share our norms and morals.Some outrageous things are accepted and expected in their culture (and they'd say the same for us Americans, I'm sure!Afwerki also met Health Minister Ephraim Sneh to discuss cooperation in public health.

Israel considers Eritrea, a country bordering Ethiopia and the Red Sea, a strategic site.

Since Eritrea declared independence in 1993, Israel has aided the country's developing agricultural and medical fields, the Ha'artez newspaper reported.

However, Israeli and Eritrean officials deny Israel has granted military support to the country.

Peres was expected to visit Eritrea in November 1995 but canceled the trip following the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

Afwerki last visited Israel in 1993 when he received a life-saving operation for meningitis.

She does not shy away from admitting her vulnerability and humanness which is rather refreshing.