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Err on the long side so your later years won’t be marred by poverty.

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The usage of “f–k you money” tracks the S&P 500 with an impressive degree of correlation.So they offer a few features to protect your identity. The other is a pattern lock, which is basically just a gesture password, you’ll have to use each time you open the app.Casualx is obviously catering to a fairly specific audience of users.But another type of American Dream has now developed: The freedom to upturn your desk, give your boss the finger, and retire on the spot—without making a lifestyle sacrifice, of course.In some circles, the wealth required to burn any bridge you want has a name: “f–k you money.” That’s because, well, backed by the First Amendment and a large fortune, you can yell that without consequences to pretty much anyone, save for a judge, a plumber, or a tax assessor.To drop an f-bomb on an employer sounds like a luxury, but it might not be the long shot it seems.

To get a ballpark estimate of the money you’d need, multiply the annual expense of maintaining your preferred lifestyle by the number of years you’re likely to live.

It’s a ton, to be sure, but it’s not Vanderbilt money.

For a more precise calculation, however, you have to account for inflation, which reduces your purchasing power over time.

In Hollywood it’s officially known as ‘F–k-You’ Money.” Though the phrase must have caught on quickly, it never achieved mainstream recognition. Browne’s novel 11 Harrowhouse pegged it to a specific sum: $200,000 in a Swiss bank account.

The phrase seemed to gain traction after that, at least in certain circles, according to Google’s Ngram Viewer.

It's billing itself as “Tinder Minus Marriage-Minded Daters,” and it's launching today for i OS (available for Android soon).