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The charges against the White House officer come after a long list of blunders by the Secret Service over the past few years, including agents partying during down time in foreign countries.A secret chamber containing a dingy bed, elaborate restraining devices, and an assortment of sex toys continues to baffle Swedish police weeks after it was discovered beneath an abandoned farmhouse in western Sweden.

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Federal authorities say Moore, a Secret Service agent from Maryland, sent obscene images and texts to someone he thought was a young Delaware girl, sometimes doing it while on duty at the White House. — A Secret Service officer assigned to the White House is facing state and federal charges after he was caught sending a picture of his genitals to what he thought was a 14-year-old girl in Delaware, according to court documents. Several conversations occurred while he was at work in the uniformed division of the Secret Service, the complaint said.Unsure as to whether the room was used as part of an elaborate sex fantasy by consenting adults, or if it may have been used to forcefully hold someone prisoner, the pair reported their discovery to police, who promptly launched a preliminary investigation into possible criminal activities.At the weekend, police dogs were dispatched to search the property and several items found in the mysterious sex-chamber have been sent to the Swedish National Laboratory of Forensic Science (Statens kriminaltekniska laboratorium – SKL) for DNA analysis.The two continued to chat, turning the conversation to sex, and exchanged photos, according to the complaint.After Moore became suspicious, a female detective stepped in to chat with him and continued exchanging photos and videos.During an interview at the barracks, he admitted to talking to what he believed was a 14-year-old girl and to communicating with several other users who he believed were teen girls, the complaint said."In particular, Moore stated that he had a sexual interest in 14-year-old females and had engaged such individuals in online chats about sexual matters," the complaint said.

A spokesman for the Secret Service issued a statement Thursday saying it takes allegations of potential criminal activity extremely seriously."This incident was reported to our Office of Professional Responsibility on Friday, Nov. On that same date the employee’s security clearance was suspended and the employee was placed on administrative leave," the statement said.

Lee Robert Moore, 37, of Church Hill, Md., was chatting on a cellphone social media app with an undercover Delaware State Police detective when he sent the naked photo and requested to meet, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday in U. Moore was charged in federal court with attempted transfer of obscene material to a minor.

He was also charged in state court with two counts of solicitation of a minor for sex and one count of obscenity material provided to a minor. Vaughn Correctional Center in that the investigation began in August when a Delaware State Police detective with the state's child predator task force was using a profile on the Meet24 app under a profile for a 14-year-old girl from Hazlett, Del.

Police have also questioned a 47-year-old man who placed an ad on a well-known internet sex-chat forum.

"Seeking submissive tramps for my torture-chamber, for a tough assignment without any chance for mercy.

The Delaware Department of Justice then issued subpoenas to Kik for the IP address related to Moore's profile, the complaint said.