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Good introductory email dating

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It is suprising how many people don’t know how to write an opening email message on an online dating site.

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So you have ritten a funny, informative and unique messge but if your not careful with your spellin and gramar then you’ve just blown it.Imagine you are an active online dater who receives numerous messages each day.You run your eyes down the list of subject headings and see the same thing over and over again.People read your dating profile to decide if you might be compatible, a list of negatives is not going to help them decide.Ensure your profile has a recent photo and enough information about you for people to have something to discuss with you.Do not refer to how many people don’t answer your messages or immediately start pointing out your faults.

We are all human and all have faults but concentrate on your good points, sound happy and fun to be around.

What is needed is something that stands out from the crowd.

Read my post about good dating headings to improve your chances of getting your messages read.

It may simply be the email heading that makes them laugh or it may be an ‘in joke’ which people outside your shared interest would not understand.

Online dating should be fun, so sound like you are enjoying yourself.

Bad spelling and grammar suggests that you just can’t be bothered, it only takes a second to re-read your message or even run it through a spelling checker before you send it. Step 9 – Introduce Yourself Remember to actually introduce yourself, give them some information about you and why you are worth getting to know.