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She said she wanted to massage my prostate to make sure that my cock could still work when I was all filled up.

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If not I have to fuck her so long that I have barely enough time to shower, dress and catch the bus for school.Today I was lucky and she jacked me off between fuckings so I was able to blow a big load up her asshole before it was time to get up. I had to check in with the nurse because a number of the teachers had complained that I was distracting them because of the big boners I developed when they showed me what kind of panties they had on or weren't wearing that day.I didn't understand their problem since it was the teachers that kept me after class with no one around so they could show me what they did or didn't have on under their dresses.The school principal had heard about my misbehaving and decided that I should get ice water enemas at least three times a day to calm me down.Yesterday the nurse had given them to me while she was wearing just her underpants, claiming that she didn't want to get her clothing wet.Also I had to take off all my clothes and let her handcuff my hands behind my back so I wouldn't give her any trouble when she was filling me up.

It was kind of embarrassing when the principal checked in to see how things were going.

I had just taken a two-quart enema that was half crushed ice and my cock had shrunk to half its size and my balls had got so tight they felt like they were glued to my cock.

I was on the examining table and the nurse was putting a big vibrator up my asshole.

Then she'd blow me for a couple of minutes to get me good and hard again so I could then fuck her up the ass.

I never can do her just once that way, she likes it too much.

Teenage Sex Slave Chapter 1 I was awakened as usual by my mom sucking me off.