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Great dating ideas london

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Weekends only Push the boat out with seafood platters and a Bloody Mary menu. For just like December 26 and January 1, February 15 will bring a tide of statuses, tweets and Instagram posts exclaiming excitement.

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In a weekend saturated with soppiness it can be difficult for new couples to find a compromise between the heart-shaped chocolates and a thoroughly unromantic trip to Wetherspoons. Next event is Mar 4 Turn your date into a full on party with the madness of bingo like you’ve never seen before. Free, 9 Caledonian Road N1, next session is Mar 19 Build the blocks to a winning Lego robot... Every Thurs-Sat Bring a bottle of your spirit of choice to the Breaking Bad themed bar to “cook” up some very special drinks. And never forget that while love ends, Netflix is forever. Daily from Apr 1 Soak up the atmosphere on a peaceful journey down to Little Venice. £39.95, 4 Sotheron Place SW6 A weekend on the slopes would be a bit much for a first date but at least at this indoor simulator the apres-ski is only round the corner. New Street, EC2 Show off your palette: load some money on to your card and sample wines by the glass at the push of a button. If you have set this follow-up to take place over Valentine’s Day weekend then date one must have been at least tolerable, but now you have to show something more specific, something personal that reflects your interests without implying a level of romance inconsistent with something so new. Every Thursday and Friday After dark culture every week with talks, live music, DJs and film screenings. If anything, the second date is more of a minefield than the first.make that joke on the night though), and getting a little twisting action can help you measure range of movement, so head to the first concept brought to you by the gloriously named Institute of Competitive Socialising.

Swing your way through nine holes and drink to your winning (or graceful losing) at their clubhouse loaded with two cocktail-heavy bars and a street food corral.

Sundays only (12-4pm) Get back to nature with an afternoon tea with more than 2,000 types of fish, plants and trees at the Barbican’s tropical oasis. Either way, neither motive should be laid on the table at this point so romantic hotspots are to be avoided, especially since the good ones were booked weeks ago.

If you are having your first date with someone over the Valentine’s Day weekend, then you either scheduled it accidentally or are feeling pretty confident that they might be worth making an effort for.

Because booze and poor judgment can only go so far on a date, you're gonna need something else to do with your next Tinder match, which is why we've put together this list of 10 bulletproof, capital-based suggestions...

Tucked away under the Tavistock Hotel, this old-school alley boasts eight lanes, plus karaoke rooms, a diner, arcade, a solid bar, and even has club nights, which means you can keep it light and easy, depending on how the pins are tumbling.

Next gig is Mar 22 Comedy for the thinking couple — UCL researchers try their hand at stand-up. Free, Abney Park N16 Avoid the crowds at Highgate and head for a walk at another of London’s beautiful graveyards. £20/hour, 2a Worship Street, EC2 Win your date over with a beer and a bullseye. So you’ve met someone nice and you’re contemplating the possibility that they might be worth taking a punt on. Spending a fortune at this early stage will dent your bank balance and come across either as flashy or too intense, too soon.