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Maryam rose to prominence in politics when she helped manage her father’s re-election campaign in 2013, courting the youth vote that Khan was connecting with in ever-greater numbers.

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While you do so, we take utmost care of your Privacy & Security.Maryam did not respond to Reuters requests for comment.Maryam and her brothers were named last year in the Panama Papers leak as owners of offshore companies used to buy luxury flats in London, prompting opposition politician Imran Khan to threaten mass protests unless the Supreme Court investigated.Making happy marriages happen since 1998, Jeevansathi understands the importance of choosing the right partner for marriage, especially in the Indian cultural setup.It believes in providing the most secure and convenient matchmaking experience to all its members by ensuring 100% screening,exclusive privacy options, photo protection features and verification of phone numbers and more information.“People would be amazed by the ordinary life William and I live. Sometimes, when I come away from the meat counter in my local supermarket, I worry someone will snap me with their phone.

A damning judicial report into the family wealth of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif threatens not just his premiership, but has also imperilled the political career of his daughter and heir apparent.

Maryam, also known as Maryam Safdar, “rejected” the report and tweeted to her 3.5 million followers that “every contradiction will not only be contested but decimated” in the Supreme Court.

Her 67-year-old father, serving a third stint as prime minister, faces widespread calls to resign but his allies say the report is biased and inaccurate.

Sharif later said “there is no honour in honour killings”, to raised eyebrows in conservative circles.“Those are very liberal things the prime minister said and I think Maryam had influence on that,” said Miftah Ismail, a special assistant to the prime minister.

Ismail added Maryam has Sharif’s ear by virtue of being his daughter, but has not been involved in government policy in economics or other areas outside her interests.“In next five years she will hopefully play an increasing role in policy,” he added.

I don’t think it would happen today.”The prince, who is dating US actress Meghan Markle, last year criticised the media for intruding into her private life and he told Newsweek that he tried to live an “ordinary life” despite the huge global attention he attracts.