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Grubb ellis g reit liquidating trust

paul public housing agency stabilize fluids stack stack effect stadium stadiums staff staff development staffing staffing staffing changes stairwells stakeholders stand-alone locking standard standard 189.1p standardization standards standards codes standby generator standby online hybrid ups standby ups standing seam systems standing-seam metal roofs stand-off zone standpipe systems stark law starnet start construction startup statement of conditions static bypass stc stealing steam steam boilers steam condensers steam cylinders steam heating steam systems steel STEM stephen bell stephen paddock stern report stimulus stimulus act stimulus act. stimulus funds stimulus package stone flooring stopping mold storage storage tank storeroom storerooms storm damage stormwater storm-water control stormwater management storm-water management stormwater runoff stormy friday straight plow strategic strategic capital plan strategic facility planning strategic outsourcing strategic planning strategic plans strategic staging strobes structural maintenance structure stu reeve student housing student safety study stump grinders submeter submetering submetering submetering sub-metering submetering water submeters sub-meters substrate suburbs succession planning succulent plants summer super t8 lamps superinsulated roofs superstorm sandy supplier supplier spotlight suppliers supplies supply chain suppression system surety bonds surface preparation surgery centers surveillance survey sustainability sustainability sustainability sustainability sustainability education sustainability education sustainability executive sustainability facility professional sustainability leed guidelines sustainabilty sustainable sustainable construction sustainable design sustainable electricity sustainable forestry initiative sustainable healthcare operations sustainable interiors sustainable landscapes sustainable operation sustainable operations sustainable operations sustainable retrofits sustainable reuse sustainable roofing sustainable roofing sustainable schools sustainable sites sustainable sites initiative sustainable strategies sustainable technologies swine flu switches switchgear switching system system efficiency system efficiency system efficiency system integration system interoperability system optimization system testing system upgrades system upgrades systems systems funiture systems furniture systems furniture cubicles systems integration t12 t12 lamps t12s t5 lamps t5s t8 t8 lamps t8s tabletop drills tagout talf tall building tall buildings TALQ tamper resistance tankless gas water heaters.

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the cloud The Joint Commission the metal initiative the real estate roundtable theft thermal thermal bridge thermal bridging thermal comfort thermal comfort thermal conductance thermal efficiency Thermal Emittance thermal energy thermal expansion thermal ice storage thermal imagers thermal imagers thermal images thermal imaging thermal management thermal performance thermal scans thermal storage thermal-imaging cameras thermochromic thermographer thermography thermoplastic thermoplastic polyolefin roofs thermoplastic roofs thermostat third-party certifications third-party contracts threat vulnerability risk assessment tier 4 tier levels tility incentives tim pennigar timber time delay time management timekeeping timeline tinted glass tips title 24 TLED tleds toby toilet toilet design toilet paper toilets tool tool safety toolkit tools tools for schools top management tornado recovery torque total cost of owndership total cost of ownership total quality management touch free touch less dispensers touchfree touchless touchless controls touchless dispensers touchless fixtures Touchless products touchless technology towel dispensers towing capacity toxic toxic mold toxicity toxicology tpo tpo membranes tpo roof tqm tracking tracking system tractor tractors traffic tragedy of the commons training training training center training tiers trane transactive energy transducers transfer switches transgender transgender access transgender toilets transients transparent security transportation transwestern trash receptacle treatment programs treatment systems trees trenchers trend trend report trending tria triclosan trimmers triple bottom line triple net leases triple-duty valves impellers tripping hazard troffers true true certification true online ups trump ts lamps tuckpointing tunable tunnel system turbine turf turf turf areas turf conversion turf grass turf maintenance turf management turner construction tvra twitter two-pipe hvac system types of roofing u.s. medical building meeting meeting hvac demands meetings MEETS membrane Membrane roof membranes memo memory mentor mentoring mentors mep mercury mergers merv metal building products metal buildings metal construction association metal halide metal panel metal reroofing metal roof metal roofing metal roofing low slope roofing metal roofs metal wall metal walls metal-halide lamps meter Metered Energy Efficiency Transaction Structure metering metering building automation internet of things meters metrics metrics metrics miami michael harris michigan michigan state university microbes microfiber microgrids microjet irrigation microorganisms microsoft microturbines middleware mifare mifare migration military milled glass millennial Millennials mineral aggregate mineral fiber insulation miniature horses minimum charges minimum light levels misconceptions mission creep mission critical mission critical facilities mission-critical mission-critical facilities miter saws mitigation mixed-use development MLB mobile mobile applications mobile cmms products mobile devices mobile security mobile technology mobile technology mobile technology and workforce mobile technology and workforce mobile workforce mobile workplace mock-up modbus modeling modernization modernizing elevators modified bitumen roofing modular modular boilers modular carpet modular data centers modular flooring modular roofs modularization moisture moisture control moisture inspection moisture inspections moisture mitigation moisture problem moisture problems moisture scan moisture survey moisture surveys mold mold growth mold prevention mold remediation mold removal mold species monitor recycling monitoring monitoring equipment monitoring iaq monitoring technologies monitoring tool monopoly mortage bankers association mortar mortgage mortgage backed securities mortgage bankder association mortise locks mosquitos motor motor load motor maintenance motor management motor windings motorized shades motors motors and drives motors jj mower mower attachments mower attachments mower deck mower maintenance mower selection mower specification mower technology mowers mowers mowing mowing equipment mowing operations MRI mrls mro mro costs mro management mro parts mrsa msds msds management mulch mulching decks mulching decks/blades multi-attribute Multiple Buildings multitenant building multitenant facilities multi-tenant office building multi-tenant office building munich re museum n 1 naima naiop nameplate motor power information nanotechnology nareit NASA NASCAR national building competition national electric code national electric safety code National Electrical Manufacturers Association national energy policy act of 2005 national fire protection agency national grid national labor relations board national park service national parks national parks national resources defense council national roofing contractors association native native plants natural daylight natural disasters natural gas natural gas prices natural light natural lighting natural resources natural ventilation natural ventilation system near-field communication nebb NEC Need Need yet neii nema Neo Con nergy efficiency net floor area net present value net zero buildings net zero energy net zero energy buildings net zero water networked controls networked lighting controls networking networking net-zero net-zero buildings Net-zero energy net-zero energy building net-zero energy buildings net-zero energy use net-zero water net-zero-energy buildings new building new construction new products new technology new vocabulary new york new york city new york city department of education New York City Local Law 26 nfc nfda 101 NFL nfmt nfmt preview nfmt vegas nfpa NFPA 1600 NFPA 20 NFPA 2001 nfpa 25 NFPA 56 nfpa 70 e nfpa 72 nfpa 80 NFPA standards NFPA72 nibs niosh nist nlrb no-cost energy upgrades noise noise control noise management noise pollution noise reduction noise reduction coefficient non-compliance nora norovirus northern illinois university northwestern university nrc NRCA nrdc nrel nsf nsf international nuclear nuclear energy nuclear power nursing homes nyserda o&m O&M manuals o m manual obama obsolescence occupancy occupancy controls occupancy evaluations occupancy sensor occupancy sensors occupant awareness occupant behavior occupant behavior occupant behavior occupant comfort occupant complaints occupant controllability occupant cooperation occupant experience occupant health occupant safety occupant satisfaction occupant satisfication occupant survey occupant surveys occupant wellness occupant work styles occupants odbc odor control office office acoustics office acoustics office building office buildings office design office environment office furniture office market office park office planning office plans office relocation office remodeling office rent office space office vacancy rate offline ups units oil oil-free compressors old building ole miss oled technology on demand cooling on site power systems on-bill financing on-demand ongoing commissioning online collaboration online communications online facility management online project management online training online ups onsite generation on-site generation on-site generation onsite power on-site power generation at data centers onsite wastewater treatment on-site water sources onsite water treatment onsite water treatment opei open office open office concept open office plan open office plans open offices open plan office open plan office open plenum open plenum ceilings open protocol open space concept open standard open systems open systems communcation open systems communication open workplace design openadr standard openadr standard openers open-office open-source operable windows operating budget operating budgets operating costs operating efficiency operating efficiency operating expense operating expenses operating management operating procedures operating standard operational audit operational efficiency operational knowledge operational savings operational security operations operations and maintenance operations and maintenance operations and maintenance practices operations department operations management operations staff operator comfort operator training organic fertilizers organic volatile compound organizational culture o-ring o-rings oscre osha osha osha compliance Outcome Based Compliance outcome-based outcome-based codes outcome-based compliance outdoor outdoor lighting outdoor power equipment outfront mowers outlays outpatient facilities outriggers outside air outsourcing outsourcing arrangements outsourcing company outsourcing energy outsourcing firm outsourcing opportunities outsourcing partners outsourcing strategy outsouring overlighting overshoot day oxygen analyzers ozone ozone emissions pace pace financing packers paint paint additives paint application paint applications paint binder paint chemicals paint costs paint liquids paint selection paint specification paint strippers painting painting equipment painting projects painting projects paints paints and coating paints and coatings paints and coatings.paintst pan tilt zoom pandemic panic alarms paper products paper towel dispenser paper towels paperless office parabolix fixtures parasitic chiller loads Paris parking parking garage parking garages parking lot parking structure parkinson part 1 of a 4-part article using four true stories to teach lessons about protecting life part load efficiency particulates partitions partnering partnership parts parts inventory parts storerooms passive hvac system passive infrared occupancy sensors passive lighting controls passive survivability passive ventilation passive-infrared sensors passive-standby passwords passwords path of travel pathogenic organisms patient patient satisfaction paul lupica pavement pavement coatings pavement resurfacing paving payback payback requirements paybacks payload capacity pcbs PCR pdas pdu pdus peak demand peak demand charges peak load demand peak value peak value contracts peer peer penetration flashing people people with disabilities people with disabilities perform better performance performance assessment performance contract performance contracting performance contracts performance criteria performance data performance requirements performance review performance risk performance standards performance-based contract performance-based outsourcing perlite insulation permit permits personal protection equipment personal protective equipment personal technology personnel personnel lifts personnel management pervious concrete pervious pavement pest control pest management pest prevention pesticide applications pesticides pests pew center peyton owen pgms phased renovation philips arena phoenix photocells photoluminescent Photoluminescent egress lighting photoluminescent marking photoluminescent markings photoluminescent systems photoluminescent technology photopic correction photosensor photosensors photosensors photovoltaic photovoltaic panels photovoltaic roofing photovoltaic systems photovoltaics photovoltics phthalates physical assets physical plant physical security pick-up service pickup truck pick-up trucks pick-ups Piezoelectric pigment pigments pile pilot pilot credit 24 pilot programs and energy optimization purchases pilot programs and energy optimization purchases pilot programs and energy optimization purchases pin pin locks pin number pipeline repair pipes piping piping pitting pittsburgh international airport pivot hinges planet planning plant operations planyc platform platinum playground pleated filter plenum plenum cable plow plow equipment plows plug load plug loads plug-fest plumbers plumbing Plumbing & restroom plumbing and restrooms plumbing and restrooms plumbing code plumbing codes plumbing fixtures plumbing leaks plumbing maintenance plumbing prevention plumbing problems plumbing products Plumbing retrofit plumbing retrofits plumbing system plumbing system upgrade plumbing systems plumbing tools plumbing troubleshooting plumbing upgrades ply membrane ply membranes pm pnc financial services pnc tower pneumatic controls pneumatics Po E points Pokemon Polaris police policies polished concrete pollution polyester filter polyisocyanurate insulation polymers polystyrene insulation polyvinyl chloride membranes pool lift pool lift regulations porfolio manager portable air conditioners portable chiller portable cooling Portable cooling units portable heaters portable heating and cooling portable power portfolio portfolio manager portland cement portland cement association Postal Service post-consumer recycled content posticides post-occupancy survey potable water potassium chloride potential threat poudre school district power power power and communication power and communications power cables power cord power distribution power distribution unit power distribution units power emergency power factor power failure power generation power grid power management power meters power monitoring power monitors power outage Power Over Ethernet power plant power posts power prices power pricing power purchase agreement power purchase agreements power purchasing agreement power quality power reliability power reliability products power reliablity power supplies power supply power supply power switching power system power systems power systems power tools power tools drain cleaner power usage effectiveness power use efficiency power lighting power-distribution systems power-metering technology ppa ppas ppe ppe pre-action sprinklers precast pre-design predictive maintenance prefabricated pressure loss pressure washing pressurized plenum preventative maintenance preventative maintenance program preventative plumbing maintenance prevention preventive maintenance price primer prismatic fixtures prisons privacy private companies private offices procedures process process audits process change procurement procurement system product product category rule product gallery product information product label product selection product specification product specs product standards productivity productivity cost productivity increase products professional liability insurance profiles profits profm programmable thermostat programming progressive collapse project data project management project management photovoltaic project management software project planning propane propane mowers propane-powered mowers property property management property managers property value proprietary protocols proprietary systems protecting caregivers Protecting critical systems protection protection protection protocols proximity card proximity cards proximity reader PRSM pruning psap PTAC PTHP public garage and security public place public school public schools public space public utility commission public utility commissions pue puerto rico pull station pump pump application pump curve pump design pump efficiency pump energy index pump system pump systems pump vibration pumping system pumping system controls pumps punch lists purchase orders purchasing purchasing department purchasing process purchasing process pushers pv pv array pv roofing pv systems pvc r-22 rack-mounted ups racks radial saws radiant cooling radiant heat radiant heating/cooling radiant heating/cooling radiant system rain garden rain screens rainscreen panel rainwater rainwater capture rainwater collection rainwater harvesting raised floor randy moore randy radke rapidly renewable content rating rating system rating systems rats rci rcma reactive maintenance real estate real estate investing real estate market real estate research corporation reality tv real-time energy monitoring real-time monitoring real-time pricing rebate programs rebates reblending rebuildusa recall Recertification recession recharging energy reciprocating saws recirculation flow reclaimed water recommissioning recordkeeping recover recovery recovery act recovery and reinvestment act recovery of waste heat recreational facilities recruiting recruitment recs recycle Recycled Content recycled flooring content recycled paint recycled paper recycling recycling containers red flags Red list Red List Chemicals redevelopment redi reduced energy use reduced footprint reducing costs redundancies redundancy redundant systems reflective coatings reflective glazing reflective glazings reflective membranes reflective roof reflective roofing reflectivity refridgerants refridgeration refrigerant refrigerant refrigerants refrigeration regenerative design regional priority credits regulations regulatory compliance reit reits relamping relative humidity reliability reliability centered maintenance reliable controls reliable power relighting remodel remote access remote administrators remote monitoring remote work renew boston trust renewable renewable energy renewable energy renewable energy credits renewable portfolio standards renewable power renewables renovated buildings renovation renovation addition renovation Business renovation mistake renovation problems renovation project renovations rent rent vs. institute of peace lighting controls uav UAVs Uber u-factor ufad ufds uinterruptible power supply ul ultrasonic occupancy sensors ultra-violet ultraviolet light ultraviolet rays un under floor system underfloor air delivery underfloor air distribution underground fuel tanks underground storage tanks underground tank underlayment unhealthy uniform plumbing code uninterruptible power supplies uninterruptible power supply uninterruptible power supply systems uninterruptible power suppy unisex toilets universal design universal design restrooms universities universities university university campus university campus university housing university of alabama university of arizona university of florida university of iowa flood university of maryland university of penn university of pennsylvania university of Wisconsin unlevel doors unmanned aerial vehicles unoccupied properties upgrade upgrades uplight upmc ups ups ups and generators ups and generators UPS commissioning ups loads ups maintenance UPS redundancy UPS specification ups system ups systems ups transfer switches urban urban heat island urban heat island effect Urban Land Institute urea urethanes urf urinal urinal design urinal design urinals us department of energy us department of labor us green building council usage USB usda USDOE useful life user experience usgbc usgbc using data ut ratings utilities utilities./PRNewswire/ -- Grubb & Ellis Company (NYSE: GBE) today announced the sale of Daymark Realty Advisors, Inc., to a joint venture entity controlled by Sovereign Capital Management Group and Infinity Urban Century, an investment affiliate of The Infinity Group.Grubb & Ellis has exited the tenant-in-common business with the disposition of its wholly owned efficient energy efficient energy efficient lighting energy efficient schools energy efficieny energy effiency energy eficient energy financing energy forecasts energy fund energy grants energy harvesting energy incentives energy incentives energy incentives for data centers energy information energy information administration energy information displays energy jumpstart energy legislation energy legislation energy management energy management energy management energy management system Energy management system energy management systems energy managment energy metering energy meters energy model energy modeling energy monitoring energy officer energy optimization energy performance energy performance contracts energy planning energy policy energy policy act energy policy act 2005 energy policy act of 1992 energy policy act of 2005 energy price energy prices energy project energy rates energy rebates energy rebates energy rebates energy recovery energy recovery processes energy recovery wheels energy reduction energy reporting energy retrofits energy savings energy savings energy savings and roi energy savings and roi energy savings and roi energy service energy service companies energy service company energy service contracts energy services companies energy standards energy star energy star certification energy storage energy storage systems energy tax deductions energy upgrade energy upgrades energy upgrades energy use energy use energy use benchmarking energy use intensity energy utilization index energy waste energy week energyefficiency energy-efficiency energy-efficiency legislation energy-efficient energy-efficient buildings energy-management systems energystar enernet enerrgy efficient enforcement date engagement engine engineer engineered wood engineering engineering firm engineering managers engineering managers engines enocean enocean alliance enrollment enterprise enterprise asset management enterprise asset management system enterprise system enterprise systems entrapment entry areas envelope environment environment issues environmental environmental defense fund environmental design environmental friendliness environmental goals environmental impact environmental impact environmental impact environmental issues environmental issues environmental laws environmental performance environmental product deceleration environmental product declaration environmental product declarations environmental protection agency Environmental Protection Agency environmental protection agency; technology environmental regulations environmental reporting environmental services healthcare facilities environmental tobacco smoke environmentally friendly environmentally preferable products environmentally preferable purchasing environmentally responsible environomentally friendly epa epa numbers epa watersense epact epact 2005 epact lighting epd epdm epdm roof epdm roofs epds eps load equipment equipment breakdown equipment distributor equipment failure equipment maintenance equipment options equipment positioning equipment reliability equipment rental equipment rental & tools equipment training equity office properties trust ergonomics escalator esco escos e-scrap esoc essential facilities essential facilities estimated billing estimated bills ethanol ethical climate ethical issues ethics ethylene propylene diene monomer eui ev charging ev charging stations evacuation evacuation chair evacuation plan evacuation plans evacuation route evacuationfire/life safety evaporative cooling evapotranspiration event management eviction evidence based design evidence-based design e-waste excavators executive office spaces executive order exercise machine exhaust exhaust system existing existing building existing buildings existing facilities existing facility exit exit device exit signs expansion expansion room extensive extensive green roofs extensive vegetative roofs exterior exterior design exterior lighting exterior lights exterior maintenance exterior surfaces exterior walls exteriors external benchmarking extinguishing agent extinguishing systems eyewear fabric-covered steel frame structure facade facebook facilities facilities management facilities management facilities management facilities managment facilities operations facilities plan facilitiesmanagement facility facility assessments facility conditions facility dashboard facility decisions facility department facility design facility design facility executive facility executive compensation facility executive salary facility executives facility expansion facility funding facility funding challenges facility jobs facility maintenance facility maintenance software facility management facility management facility management program facility management software facility management systems facility manager facility managers facility managers facility managers as teachers facility managmement facility master plan facility master plan facility operations facility operations facility performance metrics facility repairs facility retirements facility salaries facility salaries facility security facility services facility software facility staff facility staff facility staffing facilityzone facuets failure failures fall fall hazard fall protection fall restraints fall-protection systems falls fan efficiency grades fan efficiency ratings fannie mae fans fast-curing flooring fast-track design faucet faucets fault detection fault detection and diagnostic fault detection and diagnostics fault diagnostic fault diagnostics FBI fbpta federal federal budget federal facilities federal government federal production tax credit federal requirements federal security federal trade commission fema femp fenestration feng shui fenway park ferc fertilizer fertilizers fiber fiber disk fiberglass filter field commissioning field testing filters filtration filtration system filtration systems finance finances financial analysis financial literacy financial management financial performance financial planning financial terminology financing financing energy efficiency projects financing risk fire fire alarm fire alarm contractors fire alarm panel fire alarm replacement fire alarm replacement Fire alarm system fire alarm systems fire alarm systems fire alarm testing fire alarm upgrades fire alarms fire and life safety fire barrier fire code fire codes fire dampers fire detection fire doors fire drills fire emergency fire evacuation fire extinguisher fire hazard fire inspections fire life safety fire life-safety system fire prevention fire protection fire protection engineer fire pumps fire rating fire resistance fire retardant fire safety fire safety fire safety fire safety fire safety systems fire safety upgrades fire sprinkler fire sprinkler systems fire sprinkler systems fire sprinklers fire stopping fire suppression fire suppression sprinklers fire suppression systems fire system Fire System Design Code fire systems fire/life safety fire/life safety systems fire/life safety upgrades fire/life safety upgrades fire/safety plan fire-alarm control fire-alarm panels fire-alarm system fire-detection systems fire-door assemblies fireproof material fire-rated doors fire-rated walls firestop fire-stop firestops fire-system maintenance fire-tube boilers firewall firewalls first aid first responders fish emulsions fitness center fitwel five-year building plan fixture fixtures flame photometric detector flash-hazard labeling flashing flat roofs fleet fleet management fleets flexible sprinkler flicker flood flood exposure flood insurance flood maps flood prevention flood recovery flooding flooding floods floor floor area floor care floor cleaning floor covering floor coverings floor durability floor finishes floor maintenance floor maintenance floor warden floor wardens floorcovering floorcoverings flooring flooring certifications flooring certifications flooring chemicals flooring choices flooring installation flooring material flooring problems flooring products flooring specification flooring system flooring systems flooring systems flooring healthcare floorings floors floorscore floorscorre Florida florida state university flourescents flow rates flow regulators flow restrictor flow sensors flu flue gas flue-gas trim fluid technology fluorescent Fluorescent lamp recycling fluorescent lamps fluorescent lighting fluorescents flush valve flush valves flushometer flushometers flushometer-valve toilets flywheel flywheel ups flywheels fm budgets fm department fm pay fm pulse FMDAA fmxcellence fmxcellence awards foam plastic insulation fobs fom food court food test foot protection football footcandles forbes forecast forecasts forensic building envelope consultants forensic building envelope consulting forest stewardship council formaldehyde forward power pricing fossil fuels fountain four pipe fan coil units four-pipe fan coil unit four-pipe hvac system frames frameworks fred hutchinson fred hutchinson cancer research center free free cool free cooling frequency of recommissioning froedert & commuity health fsc fuel fuel cells fuel savings fuel storage fuel supply fuel switching funding funding delay fungicide furnace furniture Furniture & Walls furniture systems future-proof galvalume coatings galvanized steel sheet metal roofing Gamewell-FCI gap analysis garland gary saulson gas gas appliances gas blows gas heater gas pipes gasoline gasoline mowers gateway gbci gdp GE Lighting gears geese gender neutral restroom general contractor General Motors general pipe cleaners generation d generational differences in workplace design generational gap generator generator maintenance generator rental generator test generators geoexchange water-to-air heat pumps geographic location geothermal geothermal energy geothermal heating and cooling geothermal heating and cooling geothermal system geothermal systems geothermal systems gernerators glare glare control glare-free lighting glass glass and windows glaxosmithkline glaze glazed windows glazing glazing types glazings global risk global warming golf cart golf carts good way goodway google government government agencies government buildings government facilities government shutdown gps graffiti grand central station graphics grappler hooks gravel green green apple day green architecture green building green building certification Green Building Certification Institute green building contract green building council green building design green building design green building industry Green Building Initiative green building movement green building rating green building report green building standard green building standards green buildings green buildings green buildings green certification green certifications green cleaners green cleaning green construction industry green design green design green elevators green emissions green energy green environmental friendliness green exterior green flooring green floors green globes green grants green grid green guide green guide for health care green guides green health care green hospitals green house gas green incentives green interiors green label green label plus green labs green lease green leases green lighting green paint green paints green performance data green power green product standard green products green purchasing green renovations green roof green roofing green roofs green roofs green roofs for healthy cities green schools green seal green shield certified green skyscraper green standards green strategies green technology green usgbc green walls green rubber greenbuild greenbuild 2015 greener greater buildings plan greengaurd Green Gen greenguard greenguard environmental institute greenhouse greenhouse emissions greenhouse gas greenhouse gas emissions greenhouse gas inventory greenhouse gases greenseal greenspec greentech greenwash greenwash gresb greywater grey-water systems ground care ground operations grounds grounds care grounds care grounds care equipment grounds care shopping grounds care water conservation grounds chemicals grounds equipment grounds equipment grounds maintenance grounds management grounds management grounds management ground-source heat pumps group relamping grubb & ellis gs-11 gsa guaranteed maximum price contracts guardrails guide gunman guns guns gunshots gypsum gypsum board gypsum wood H. 5147 h1n1 h1n1 flu hackers hacksaw hail halon halon alternatives halon replacement hand dryer hand dryers hand protection hand sanitizer hand spinners hand washing hand washing handheld handheld computing devices hand-held device handheld devices handhelds handles handsaw hard surface hard surface flooring hard surface flooring materials hard surface flooring materials hard wood floors hardscapes hard-surface flooring hardware harmful harmonics hauling capacity haunted houses have hazard hazard prevention hazardous chemicals hazardous material hazardous materials hazardous materials containers hazardous waste hazards hazmat hazmat compliance hazmat storage hazourdous materials hcfc hcfcs head protection Headquarters health health care health care design health care facilities health care facility health issues health of building occupants Health Product Declarations health program healthcare healthcare energy costs healthcare faciities healthcare facilities healthcare facilities healthcare facilities HVAC healthcare facilities Internet of things healthcare facility healthcare facility design healthcare facility management automation healthcare faciltiies healthcare interiors healthcare leases healthcare restrooms healthcare construction healthcare-associated infection healthcaredatacenters healthy healthy iaq healthy indoor environment heat heat detectors heat exchangers heat gain heat gun heat island effect heat load heat pump heat pumps heat recovery heat recovery heat transfer heath care heating heating and cooling heating and cooling loads heating cooling heating loads heat-island effect heat-reflective coatings heat-trace systems henry hepa filter herbicide herbicides het hfc refrigerants hfcs hfos hid hid high bay high containment labs high containment labs high performance high performance building high performance building congressional caucus coalition high performance buildings high performance roofing high performance schools high rise design high rises high tech high traffic flooring high-bay lighting high-efficiency high-efficiency boilers high-efficiency chiller high-efficiency toilet high-efficiency toilets high-efficiency urinals high-efficiency windows higher education higher education facilities high-performance High-Performance Building high-performance building congressional caucus high-performance buildings high-performance buildings high-performance buildings high-performance computing high-performance green building partnership high-performance hvac high-performance interiors high-performance lighting high-performance office high-performance workplace high-rise high-rise buildings high-rise security high-rises high-voltage door hardware hinge hinges hinges and closers hippa hiring hiring practices historic historic building historic buildings historic preservation historical building historical buildings historical renovation holiday home values homeland security horsepower horticulture hospital hospital construction hospital design hospital management hospital renovation hospital restrooms hospital security hospitality hospitality facilities hospitality industry hospitals hot aisles hot spots hot water hot water heating hot/cold aisle hot/cold aisles hot/cold calls hotel hotel hotel facility management hotel facility management hoteling hotels hour meter housekeeping housekeeping personnel housing houston houston general services department how resilience complements sustainability how resilience relates to sustainability howard university hpd human error human health human relationships human resources human-centric lighting humidification hurricane hurricane cleanup hurricane harvey hurricane irma hurricane katrina hurricane maria hurricane preparations hurricane recovery hurricane sandy hurricane sandy hurricanes HV substations hvac hvac hvac HVAC HVAC building automation Internet of things hvac alternatives hvac audits hvac controls hvac costs HVAC demand hvac installations hvac insulation hvac lighting hvac maintenance hvac problems hvac retrofit hvac specifications hvac specifications hvac system hvac system design hvac systems hvac technology hvac upgrades hvac upgrades hvac building automation internet of things HVAC building automation internet of things HVAC internet of things building automation HVAC software hybrid controls hybrid power hybrid vehicles hydraulic doors hydraulic fluid hydraulic lines hydraulics hydrogel hydrogen cars hydrogen technology hydronic systems hygiene hyperscale iapmo iaq iaq energy efficiency IAQ hospitals iaq lawsuits iaq litigation iaq metering iaq monitor ibc ibn sina hospital ibw icc ice ice dams ice management ice melt ice melter ice removal icp icu id cards ieee IEER ieha ieq iesna ifma igcc illness imaging impeller improve productivity Improving Data Centers incandescent incandescent lamps incandescent light bulbs incandescents incentives increase productivity indicator alarms indicator lights indirect lighting indoor air indoor air quality indoor environment indoor environmental quality indoor environmental quality indoor spaces indoor-air pollutants induction lamps induction lighting induction motors industrial industrial building industrial facilities industrial leasing industrial space inert gas infection infection control infiltration infiniband inflation influence influenza information information security information technology informationstorage informationstorage infrared infrared cameras Infrared Emittance infrared image infrared imager infrared imaging infrared pigments Infrared Reflectance infrared scanning infrared technology infrared temperature sensors infrastructure infrastructure life cycle management Ingersoll Rand in-house initiatives injury innovation innovation in design innovative products insecticide inspection inspection and testing inspection cameras inspection strategies inspections inspections inspectors installation installation configuration installing aed installing doors installing doors instantaneous heaters institutional goals instruction insulated metal wall panels insulated-metal wall panels insulation insulation value insurance insurance integrated building systems integrated building systems integrated design integrated hvac design integrated pest management integrated project delivery integrated systems integrated trap integrated workplace management integrated workplace management system integrated workplace management system integrated workplace management systems integrated workplace management systems integration integrative design intelligent building intelligent buildings intelligent buildings intelligibility intensive intensive green roofs intensive vegetative roofs interest rates interference interference interim lighting rule interior interior color paint interior design interior finishes interior furnishings interior lighting interior office space interior planning interior products interior renovation interior storm windows interiors internal controls international agency for research on cancer international building code international building code 2009 international code council International Electrotechnical Commission international energy conservation code international finance corp.

international green construction code international mechanical code international plumbing code international powered access federation International Roofing Expo international union of operating engineers internet internet of things internet of things and green buildings internet of things and interoperability internet of things and interoperability internet of things and security Internet of things building animation HVAC internet of things building automation internet of things building automation enterprise asset management Internet of things building automation security internships internships interoperability interoperable system interoperable systems interval meter data interval meters intrusion detection intrusion detection intrusion detection inventory inventory control inventory management inventory management system investment investment property iot Io T iowa ip addressable components ip cameras i Pad iphone ipm ipm institute of north america ipmvp irem irrigation irrigation irrigation controls irrigation innovations irrigation systems irrigation systems irs isis iso iso 140 iso 50001 issa it it network it network iwms iwms software janitorial janitorial contracts janitorial services jay leone jcaho jeff mcmanus jetter jetters jigsaw jigsaws jim cooke jll Joan Stein joan weiss stein job audit job negotiation job order contracting job planning job satisfaction job security job seekers jobs jobsite monitoring jobsites joe kava john balzer john deere johnson controls joint commission Jones Lang La Salle k-12 k-12 education k-12 school k-12 schools katrina kevin folsom key key card key cards key performance indicators keyboard keys kitchen appliances kitchens Kleen Energy kmart knowledge management kohler KPI kpis kwh lab commissioning lab facilities lab facilities lab space lab verification lab verification labeling labor labor control labor costs laboratories laboratory laboratory facilities labs ladders Lambeau lamp lamp crushing lamp disposal lamp life lamp recycling lamp recycling lamps lan landlords landscape landscape design landscape irrigation landscape management landscapes landscaping landscaping lanyards large windows las vegas laser Laser scanning latches laundry lavatory faucets law firm lawn areas lawn mowers lawsuit lawsuits lbl lca lcca lead lead paint lead-acid battery leadership leadership leadership Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design leadership in energy and environmental design for existing buildings leaks lean construction lean construction lean design learning curve lease leased space leases leasing led led led LED LED lighting led fixtures led installation LED lamps led lighting LED lighting led lighting upgrades k-12 led metrics led modules led system led systems led technology led technology leds leed leed leed leed LEED 2.2 leed 2009 leed 2012 leed accreditation leed accredited professional LEED Accredited Professionals leed ap leed certification leed certification process leed certification requirements leed ci leed commerical interiors leed credits leed dynamic plaque LEED Dynamic Plaque leed eb leed- eb leed for building operations and maintenance leed for commercial interiors leed for healthcare leed for schools leed gold leed green associate leed id c leed o m leed online leed platinum leed points leed premium leed silver leed v3 leed v4 leed version 3 leed volume leed_eb leed-ci leed-cs leed-eb leed-eb: o&m leed-ebom leed-healthcare leed-nc leedv4 legacy data centers legacy migration legal legal issues legioinella legionella legionella standard Legionellosis Legionnaire’s legionnaires' disease legionnaire's disease Legionnaires’ disease legislation legrand lens levy LFI2015 LG liability library life cycle life cycle assessment life cycle assessment life cycle cost life cycle costs life cycle costs life safety Life Safety Code life-cycle life-cycle analysis life-cycle cost life-cycle cost analysis life-cycle cost analysis life-cycle cost analysis life-cycle costs life-cycle energy costs life-cycle evaluation life-long learning life-safety systems Li Fi lift lift equipment Benefits lift safety lifts lifw-cycle analysis light controls light fixtures light pollution light sheets light shelves light source light sources light system light-construction equipment lighter weight Lightfair lighting lighting lighting audit lighting audits lighting audits lighting commissioning lighting construction lighting contractor lighting control lighting control energy savings lighting control upgrades lighting controls lighting controls lighting costs lighting design lighting efficiency lighting fixtures lighting level lighting maintenance Lighting occupancy sensors lighting phaseout lighting quality lighting rebates lighting retrofit lighting retrofits lighting sensors lighting standards lighting system lighting systems lighting systems lighting technology lighting upgrade lighting upgrades lighting upgrades lighting building automation internet of things lighting-construction equipment lightingupgrades light-reflective coatings lights light-to-solar ratio limiting toxic exposure linear fluorescents line-interactive line-interactive ups linkages linkedin linoleum linoleum linoleum flooring liquid seal liquidated damage provision liquid-propane injection systems lithium battery lithium ion lithium-ion lithium-ion batteries and ups livewall living building challenge living buildings challenge load load calculation load density load density load management systems load shedding load-bank loaders loading dock and security loading docks loan loan guarantee loans lobby security database local area network local law enforcement local purchasing locater systems locating hospital restrooms lock system locker rooms lockout lockout/tagout locks logins logistics plans long term planning longevity long-term care facilities lonmark lontalk lonworks looding louisville low e glass low flow low flow toilets low flow toilets low flush low 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Foss is a graduate of Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Boston, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry.

He resides in Charlotte, NC with his wife Mary and daughter Elizabeth. Henson has served as an independent director of the Company since April 2016. Henson has over 25 years of experience with the General Electric Company, serving in various leadership capacities.

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Peters served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Pacific Holding Company (LSR) in Los Angeles. Peters served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Castle & Cooke Properties, Inc. Between July 2004 and August 2005, she served as a Senior Project Analyst for Weyerhaeuser Realty Investors in Irvine, California. Houghton participated in mergers and acquisitions structuring and valuation at RSM Equi Co in Costa Mesa, California and business and intangible asset valuation at Bernstein, Conklin & Balcombe in Dallas, Texas. He is also a Board member of the Capital Bank, based in Charlotte NC and PGI, A Blackstone portfolio company.