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Holloway dating ramsey

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To address this question, psychologist Laura Ramsey and colleagues from Bridgewater State University conducted three studies to determine how being objectified by a male romantic partner affects women.If a woman enjoys being sexualized – like Joan from 'Mad Men' – would objectification promote relationship satisfaction?

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Young women reported experiencing objectification themselves an average of once every two days, most typically in the form of a sexual gaze – someone checking them out or staring at their bodies.This suggests that despite liking sexualized attention, it may encourage objectification from a male partner, which may ultimately undermine the relationship.The women reported seeing other women being objectified even more frequently, a little over once a day.Every morning, Joan meticulously does her makeup and hair and puts on a skintight dress.The men in her office take notice and are quick with the catcalls and sexual comments.Objectifying a woman reduces her worth down to her physical appearance.

It reflects the view that women's bodies are objects of sexual pleasure without regard for the living, feeling, thinking people inhabiting them.

But her male co-workers' reactions are objectifying and ultimately may not produce the empowerment Joan desires.

Objectification occurs when one person treats another like a thing or commodity, ignoring his or her humanity and dignity.

But it's also possible that a male partner's objectification is more innocent, merely his way of showing affection toward his adored female partner.

If that's the case, maybe objectification isn't so bad, especially since other research shows that sexual desire in healthy relationships increases people's happiness about them.

Her hourglass figure is a source of power that she wields intentionally.