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Robert Bales and what appears to be a calculated slaughter on March 11, 2012, of 16 Afghan civilians, nine of them children.The author raises the question of why this act tends to stand out as an atrocity when much killing of innocent civilians routinely goes on in war.

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The costs of building a new home can vary widely depending on what part of the country you are in and how elaborate you want your new home to be."In Harm's Way: Children, Born and Unborn, Trapped in Wartime": the dangers to children (including an increased incidence of abortion) during wartime.This essay raises the question of what really is collateral damage and how much is morally acceptable.Tom Carney, "Americans, especially Catholics, approve of torture": points to surveys that show that roughly 3 out of 4 American Catholics believe that torture can be justified under some circumstances Statement on torture from Pax Christi: A Pax Christi USA statement on the use of torture as a means of national security in the U. War on Terrorism, appeals to many documents from Catholic tradition "Alternatives to war in Afghanistan": excellent piece by David Cortright that argues against a military solution to the Taliban. "Unjust and Indefensible--Iraq: A Case Study": compares Afghanistan vs.See also Cortright's "No Easy Way Out" that reassesses U. Iraq in terms of whether violence in those countries was justified: This essay is also a very good background both to the events leading away from 9/11 and up to war with Iraq, as well as the just war tradition as a whole. S.'s bombing of Afghanistan: Professor Marc Herold of the University of New Hampshire has combed records and news reports to try to arrive at a tally of civilians killed in Afghanistan.Iraq Navigator: the site used by research staff of the New York Times for stories on the Gulf War.

It features information about the country of Iraq, its military and leadership, as well as U. military information, and the texts of various United Nations resolutions about Iraq. The United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment: from December, 1984.

"Hazardous Means: Libya & the Ambiguity of Humanitarian Intervention": a very good essay by Margaret O'Brien Steinfels which asks what the United States is doing in Libya and raises questions about the obligations posed by humanitarian intervention "Peacemaking and the Use of Force: Behind Pope John Paul II's Stringent Just-War Teaching": an essay by Drew J. J., which uses the Kosovo crisis to review the Pope's positions on warfare and notes that the tradition of just-war thinking is playing a decreased role in official Catholic teaching.

Pax Christi statement on NATO bombing as a violation of international law and Catholic teaching.

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