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How long have kendra wilkinson and hank baskett been dating

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A source told gossip website that the 28-year-old beauty, who also has four-year-old son Hank Jr.with husband Hank Baskett, was also allegedly unable to welcome her second child in the medical centre's deluxe private suite, as a wealthy Russian woman was using it.

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In July, weeks after the birth to their second child, daughter Alijah Mary, Wilkinson and Baskett were told that a model, Ava Sabrina London, was claiming she had an affair with Baskett during Wilkinson’s pregnancy.As viewers of Kendra on Top still try to figure out the truth surrounding the NFL player's alleged fling with a transsexual woman, Kendra wants to find out what her husband really wants in life. " she asks in an exclusive sneak peek of Kendra On Top The Untold Story. " Kendra said, after the cohosts play an audio tape of Hank and his alleged mistress."There is someone behind [it]." She also said that the FBI is investigating.Kendra Wilkinson Opens Up About Cheating Scandal With the return of their WEtv reality show, Kendra On Top, Wilkinson is finally revealing how she heard the rumors and how it affected the current state of her marriage.“This happened five weeks after giving birth to my daughter, and here we are with our newborn baby, » Kendra Wilkinson is opening up about Hank Baskett's alleged infidelity. The ' Kendra On Top' star, who five year marriage to Hank Baskett was rocked by claims he had an affair with a transexual model while the blonde beauty was eight months pregnant with their second child earlier this year, is reportedly still trying to decide whether she and the 31-year-old former NFL star have a future together.In a new interview with People, the reality star explains how she found out about rumors that her husband cheated on her with a transsexual model."My manager called and asked, ' Is Hank with you? "I was just playing around and said, ' No.' Hank leaned in and I said, ' Why? '"After her manager broke the shocking gossip, she immediately asked Hank if it was true. A source close to the 29-year-old Playboy model told Life & Style magazine: '' Kendra's definitely looking into divorce.“He said he’d seen her You Tube videos online, and he couldn’t believe that her photos were real. However, the couple managed to move forward when Hank finally opened up about what happened.

Before leaving, he gave her almost $500 and told her he wanted to stay in touch.” The version of events Hank told this week is significantly different. When there, Hank said he was shocked when a nude, transgender woman answered the door.

But she is determined to figure out what really did happen. Even if he is guilty of the ultimate betrayal, "I am still willing to move on and forgive him.

I cannot shut this man down," the Kendra On Top star told Giuliana Rancic in an exclusive in-depth interview for next week's special Beyond Candid With Giuliana: Kendra Wilkinson Baskett.

» - too Fab Staff So many questions and not enough answers! "I handled this wrong," he shares in the video clip. While she previously claimed that her marriage is on the rocks, the "Kendra On Top" star now insists that she and Hank are in it "forever."During an interview with "Access Hollywood" on Friday, the mother-of-two admitted that she knows exactly what went down."It's not what you think happened.

That's the consensus many fans feel as they continue to watch Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett and Hank Baskett struggle to keep their marriage intact. I can't go on further past that," Kendra said. This is what happened to Hank.""There's a real tape, but it is manipulated, it's cut up!

And according to her baby girl's birth certificate, obtained by gossip website, the tot's full name is Alijah Mary Baskett.