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How to count dating anniversaries

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We celebrated 3 miniversaries before he had to leave and just after he left I knew it was the real thing.Luckily he came back within 30 days of arriving home and now the rest is history.

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But ever since we decided to make the most of every month we spent together all those uncertain years ago, just a little gesture to say ‘I love you’ each month means so much. When Mr Romance and I first started dating, we were a kind of holiday romance.We may head out for a beautiful dinner, or gold class cinema or just have a night in together at home.When we were planning our wedding, we chose a date to coordinate with our dating anniversary.I’m absolutely rubbish at remembering people’s birthdays.I’ve just about figured out when my direct family’s birthdays are (my dad’s is easy cos it’s a day after mine) otherwise I have to create little date patterns like Mrs Romance’s birthday is exactly one week before Christmas Day. When we first started seeing each other, we had no idea whether we’d see each other again after I left Australia to go back to England. Because of this, we decided to make a monthly anniversary of when we met: on the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics – 15th September 2000.We both write on the same topic but only get to read the other’s work after it’s published.* This He Said / She Said post is inspired by a question from Sonia of Sonia Styling who asked: We wouldn’t be Mr and Mrs Romance without an alarming number of romantic dates to celebrate, would we?!

I like to celebrate at any opportunity, so the more the merrier.

They’re 6 months apart so we can have a big celebration for each one and it works for us.

Now that we’ve been together for so long, I was thinking of switching to just the wedding anniversary, but I still love celebrating both.

I don't want a gift or anything for it but it should still count.

*The most exciting thing about He Said, She Said is wondering if we’ll still be married by the end of each post!

For our anniversary proper, we usually make a big deal out of it.