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How to have hot sex chat with srangers

The urge to walk up to that sexy stranger at the bar, the one who has had you mesmerized all night, and whisper something so naughty into his ear that he can’t finish his drink.To shock him so deeply that he will turn around and stare at you, like you’ve been staring at him all night.

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Chris visits two farms in Washington state where he encounters horny alpacas, genetically perfect pigs, and some very confused birds.A stranger is someone who knows nothing at all about you, so you can reinvent yourself every time.If you are the shy kind who has never tried talking dirty before, he doesn’t have to know that, does he?This episode draws on conversations recorded in Tokyo, New York, New Orleans, and Chicago.Topics explored include tickle porn, traditional porn, fetish modeling, stripping, prostitution, sugar daddies, and much more.Don’t you feel like the naughty vixen you really are?

And if your dirty talk did lure that sexy hunk of a stranger home with you – well, honey, there’s much more dirty talk to be had.

Guests include everyone from a Salt Lake City escort to an anti-porn activist at Brigham Young University.

Chris travels to Portland where he talks to some key figures in the city’s expansive sex positive community.

Topics discussed include hookups, otters, creeps, money offers, religion and more..

Chris attends a fetish party at Continuum Dungeon in Chicago where he interviews three professional dominatrixes and an array of attendees ranging from lifestyle kinksters to vanilla onlookers. Chris travels to New Orleans during Mardi Gras to chat with party people from around the world.

He also sits down with some sex workers, including a 62-year-old escort.