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William Paley argued that there were strong similarities between complex structures that we find in Nature (such as the eye) and human artifacts, such as a watch. Operating on the principle, “like effects, like causes,” we can infer by analogy that complex organs, such as the eye, were probably made by an Intelligent Designer, Who is like a human being, but much, much smarter.Since this inference is based on an inductive argument (rather than a deductive one) which makes use of an analogy, its conclusion is not absolutely certain.

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Working it at when afraiding of getting caught by Mom. Some of the more intelligent skeptics, such as Julian Baggini, are aware of this fact, but still make the risibly absurd claim (see here) that Hume anticipated and refuted Paley’s argument from design. Hume, in his posthumous dialogues” on page 512 of Chapter XXVI of his Natural Theology!Moreover, a careful examination of Paley’s design argument shows that he had anticipated and responded to all of Hume’s criticisms.The Hume Fire Pit is a newsletter & events email of all things Hume.It includes stories, discounts, videos, photos, event invitations, news, project updates, and support opportunities.(Paley had read Hume and was obviously aware of this difference in their arguments: see his answer to his first Objection.) For Paley the inference from watch to intelligent watchmaker is no different from the inference from complex natural organisms to an intelligent designer.

He is just trying to show you can make the same inference in both cases.

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Hume attempted to defeat that by showing that the similarity between effect E1 – human artifacts – and effect E2 – living systems – was much less than had been previously indicated.

, which can be very rigorously defined – and saying, “OK, we’re looking at identical effects.

The numerous disanalogies between complex natural structures (such as the eye) and a human artifact, undermine the inference that these natural structures were designed.