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I gave up on dating book

Around that same time, another single friend told me, "It hurts to keep hoping.

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I have also met single women of the same age — like Jackie — who are filled with joy, peace and hope.But at times it may feel like the painful, all-night wrestling match Jacob had with God for a blessing (Genesis -32).Alex points out another advantage to hoping in the midst of disappointment: "The pain of longing for what we desire should only push us to Christ and remind us of the ultimate glory of who He is and what we are promised in Him." That's why hope is worth fighting for. "Well, I'm glad I won't have children," she said lightly, taking a sip of coffee. God knows I couldn't handle it." My single friend's admission that she had already given up on having children — at age 31 — surprised me.Part of me just wants to give up on marriage and get on with making my life as good as possible without a husband." I think a lot of singles feel this way. Some of my friends are in their late 30s and 40s and still unmarried; I can only imagine the temptation to pack up shop and embrace "Plan B" — life without marriage.Here's the thing: Giving up on a godly desire (when God hasn't obviously taken that desire from you) is a form of escapism.

Rather than sitting in the pain of unfulfilled longings — continuing to hope that God will come through for you — you take the less painful route of "choosing" the alternative.

As I asked singles (and those who married after a period of extended singleness) about the benefits of keeping hope alive, answers ranged from, "It simply feels better" to "I don't want to have regrets later" to "It's attractive to others." A few responses stood out to me.

Here are their stories: Alex struggled with his singleness throughout his 20s, suffering a rocky three-year relationship followed by a broken engagement.

"It was really more of something I was seeking to trust the Lord in.

I never lost the desire to be married; I just had a greater desire to accept what God had for me." At 32, Alex met and married Laura.

"Culturally, I think we tend to go one of two directions: desperation or giving up," she says.