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Indian guys dating american women

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Anyway, like any relationship that ends, it's time to move on.

I'm really aggravating and figured I would personally attempt to post this question to see if anyone may have had any personal experiences (either themselves or know of someone).This is horrible because he was a great friend to begin with.So he cut communication between us and I feel sad for losing a friend.The past two years I have slowly been learning about India. He approached his family in India about he and I being together. I'm open minded and want to celebrate holidays and everything that he would as well.Quickly I fell in love with the culture, food, entertainment, fashion... They protested our relationship and did not want us to consider being married. I'm willing to live here in the states but travel as often as possible to India and do whatever it takes to show my interest of truly learning the culture.I'm aggravated and don't want to put myself through anymore hurt if it will never be accepted because of the cultural differences. But I'm at the point in which I need to figure out if I need to rule out Indian men. If it happens, trust me I'm strong enough to take it! I think that it's great that you are open minded and more women should be like you. Most likely, their mothers come before any woman...understandably so.

I'm a grown woman who will not allow others to make me feel less than what I am. But yeah, u have to deal with a lot of crap because the culture is so different. I can't judge individually, but in general, if I was a woman, I wouldn't go for Indian men because of the culture differents. Are you willing to go through all of the struggles and hardships. If you broke up with somebody in America or your culture, it's just a breakup,but a breakup with somebody that different means that so much effort has been lost.

Google "Jassi Sidhu" for one Dateline story of a woman murdered by her husband's family because she was not arranged for him. There are hundreds and hundreds of stories of people marrying outside of an arrangement and then getting wacked.

This also coming from the same culture where honor killings exist.

Which is it: A - You researched Indian culture, then started a romance with someone from India. Quit reading so much into it to find something negative to say..

B - You started a romance with someone from India, then started researching his culture. From everything I have read of yours, you have nothing but negative remarks... She is asking a legit question, she didnt ask for you to delve into personal matters.

If he screw u over, can you accept that you made so much effort and things didn't work out?