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Internet dating woes

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'I feel like I don't know what to do, I need to focus on myself.'At this point, Denise chimed in, suggesting that Lauren doesn't help herself.'You can be seen to be feeding the media,' she mused.'There are people higher profile than you that manage to have a private life.' Lauren dabbed at her teary eyes and said: 'I need to find where I am happiest, start again, be on my own, do positive things.'Stacey asked her if she puts herself under pressure to find love and settle down, to which Lauren replied: 'I feel like I've set myself up for something that's not available.' She mused: 'If Joey had come out in November it might have worked - but he didn't.'Stacey added further words of comfort, saying: 'You're a really nice person - you will meet someone lovely.

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A nervous Lauren Goodger appeared on Friday afternoon's edition of Loose Women to discuss her recent failed romance and how she was misquoted about wanting a gastric band.While that’s proven to be the right decision, I’ve discovered that dating is, nonetheless, an exceptionally awful pastime.There’s a lot of anxiety around meeting someone in the first place – attempting to catch the eye of the cutie on the train; hoping that guy 50 times older than you with the leering smile would stop trying to catch your eye on the train. Back to the looking, and the texting and messaging and phone calls, and the first dates. It’s especially difficult if you’re someone with a “radical” set of values (ie.The lack of awareness around trans*-inclusive language in the public sphere has made my romantic life sad and stressful. With that knowledge, you become better equipped to know what’s out there and how to sift through people. Rather, all of them speak to individual qualities about being a person in the world who is trying to love other people in the world.I’ve had to play teacher more times than I can count, and it’s stressful not only in principle but also because that lack of awareness creates a barrier that prevents potential partners from understanding Ugh. Of course, reading won’t actually stop you from having bad dates.And you'll never look back.'Mustering a smile, Lauren said: 'I'm an emotional wreck.

I didn't mean to cry I was just so nervous.' Bad times: 'He was meant to come out, last year, in November and things were great,' she explained, composed at first.

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Forensic examinations linked evidence to them and when he was arrested, Joey was found in possession of £10,000 in cash and £60,000 worth of cocaine; this was in 2009.

Despite sharing hopes that she would marry and have children with him, Lauren's dreams were snatched out of reach when his sentence was extended.'I was going out and drinking,' she said, of her coping methods. And I don't want to bad mouth him - it was a lot of pressure for him too.'Joey didn't like Lauren's party-girl lifestyle - something Loose Women co-anchor Stacey Solomon alluded to during the interview.

And things became too much for the former TOWIE star, 30, as she spoke about her self-esteem - leading to her bursting into floods of tears.