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"Vow it then, madame," cried the prince, furious at not intimidating his victim.Fourth place - Joseph Chen-Yu Wang of Ocala, Fla., who researched ''Jupiter's Radio Waves.'' Sixth place - Stephen A.Racunas, 16, of New Kensington, Pa., for a project in atomic physics. Waldman, 18, of Bethesda, Md., eighth, for research in molecular biology. Mossey, 18, of Cincinnati, for mathematics research by computer.I., won fifth place for his work on new algorithms for calculating infinite numbers such as pi and e, the base of natural logarithms.He became one of the youngest winners ever in the Westinghouse competition.I said this to myself, resolutely, by way of answer to the intimidating storm.

This arbitrary conduct did not succeed in intimidating the other Councillors.

The event provided a rich mosaic of fields of inquiry and of project titles such as ''Laser Cooling in an Optical Molasses,'' ''Inca Stone Transport and Manpower Requirement,'' ''An Analysis of Elastic Rod Collisions'' and ''Stigma of Psychotherapy.'' Two entrants said they had patents pending on their research.

The selection of Miss Chang as the top winner appeared to come as little surprise to the other young scientists. ''Just go over and talk to her -you'll see what I mean.'' Miss Chang, whose booth was ringed with 1,360 colored beads that represented the sequence of DNA units in a cancer gene that she studied, cheerfully described her work as ''fairly abstract.'' She and the winner of the seventh-place award, Maxwell V.

The tone of the press there was intimidating, particularly toward Russia.

As to intimidating me, or changing my course, the thing cannot be done.

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