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Intimidating guild names

The first post youll want to create an advertisement. In this section youll want to make ONE recruitment thread.

These are all third party programs that allow voice communication of players in rooms so that people can easily congregate together and talk to each other; no matter where they are located in-game. People can and will lie, bully, cheat, and be disrespectful. What wed like to see changed, suggestions for events, and anything else people would like to bring up. There are poll websites around, or you can set it up on your forums.This kind of community is where the ideals and direction of the community follow those in power. Kind of a contract between the Leader(s) and members of the community. While there are only two listed types, there are many different combinations that arise from these kinds of systems. There can be communities that also include how wealth and items are distributed between the members. These concepts will come to you easy when you get started trying to figure out what you and your community wants to do. (Caution some images may not be safe for work completely.) Goonswarm Propaganda Guild recruitment posts can be a tricky thing. Brainstorm and put as much effort as you can into the creation of your first official recruitment post. You are not alone, the burden of websites, and VOIP isnt yours to lift alone. And make sure the person with access to these funds / website / VOIP are VERY TRUST WORTHY. Phoenix has raised VOIP for 2 years now, all from our donation page. We give out special donator channels and a Donator Icon on the Team Speak.So if you are a budding guild leader, or a member of a small party of friends looking to make things official Im sure that big mess of text above is probably a bit intimidating. As to that I can offer a few questions and tips for you and your community to run through their heads and decide what to do. If you are just starting out they can feel like theyll make or break you. There are two main ways I advise going about this process. Depending on your VOIP service, donations can be made. But otherwise they do this out of the kindness of their heart. If you are about to hit a deadline payment, dont be afraid to inform the community as well.They most always have some kind of outside public location. If you dont take the time to do this you can end up with people causing problems and claiming they didnt know. There are tons of forum trolls around on the deep dark internet. Remember if you give time and effort to false and fake statements, all you do is bring them back up. Expanding/obtaining VOIP / slots (if its paid for.) More people in power?(Generally a website or VOIP service.) Youre likely to find players that youll stick with longer in these communities. It is better that they know what theyre signing up for, and that you know they were aware prior to any problems. If someone comes onto your recruitment post and starts posting hateful, or rude comments. (Increases in Moderators, or officers can be a thing to look forward to, as well as get some members involved, and help lessen the burden of managing the community.) Guild funding?These communities are generally larger, less common, and have been around for a longer period of time. As long as you have a reasonably lengthy recruitment process, and take personal time to get to know your recruits than you can be a reasonable judge of character. On the Forums dont shamelessly advertise on other topics. But going into different topics and advertising about you community isnt fair to the Original poster let alone anyone else posting on the topic. I will try and cover a few situations that you should consider. That way you can properly react, and help keep people active in the development of the community.

Youll find them more structured, and have a wide variety of player personality. Making sure that your recruits read and UNDERSTAND the guild goals, ideals, and rules is highly important. Also NEVER EVER EVER start a fight, or get baited into a fight. As well as suggestions on how to stop a community from stagnating and keep people active! Questions you should ask yourself: When do we start a website?

: A community where members strive to be the BEST of the best. People leave, move on, and find different games, and many other things happen. Post any important links for websites or VOIP services (caution on the VOIP link you many want to just link contact information on how to obtain the VOIP information.

Members of this community are highly competitive and are always working to strive to be at the top of whatever goals they are seeking. Because of this you can have times where your population drops. Do your best to make it clear to everyone what your guild stands for! Also put this at the end of the post in a separate section.) Outline your mission statement.

Better organized, along with the likely hood of player run events. This is a very important step because it will give your guild identity, and purpose. (Ill expand on this in Advertising but this is a serious thing any guild leader / guild management should consider.) Special events? If youve got something cheap and free to give away, youd be surprised how many people you can get seriously interested about the future and past of your community!

The idea of having a standard group of people to play with can be appealing. The effort required to keep players active takes committed members willing to spend time and MONEY to maintain. Now there are an infinite amount of guild flavors but here is a general list of standard flavors I could think of. Are you willing to be online OFTEN, at least once every other day? ) This will be brief, mostly because I sadly dont have many solutions to it. You will always be trading out some members for new members.

Refer to these people as officers, or whatever title you choose. Goals Ideals Name Rules (be brief but if you have representatives write up how to remove them and how they should behave) Flavor of community List founding members. *You must be the party leader* *they must be level 5 or higher.* Go to the Expedition NPC.