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Intimidating haircuts

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Sounds like maybe a good first episode of a Primer podcast?

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You’ll save money on salon prices – plan to spend around $10-15 for a fresh cut, give or take, with a few bucks for a tip.Once you have found the best haircut for your hair type and face shape you may think that you will stick with it for years.But change is always a good idea if you want to refresh your look and style at some point in your life.Things to consider if you’re looking to pass in public: While most women have angled sideburns, most guys tend to cut their sideburns straight across.Tell your barber to give you a masculine or angular cut, especially if your barber is not reading you as male and unconsciously is giving you a more feminine cut.Once you’re in the barber’s chair, he or she will ask a few questions about how you like your hair, how you want your sideburns handled, etc.

If you know your clipper blade number or have any styles in mind, request it.

“Shouldn’t I just cut it super short and be done with it?

” You might think that just getting a short buzzcut will automatically help with passing in public, but you will sacrifice highlighting your natural good looks – plus, with the popularity of shorter haircuts among cis women, gay or straight, you might be read incorrectly more often.

The reality is the world identifies, defines, and judges us by how we present ourselves to the world.

We can either do that intentionally by taking control of our style and grooming, or we can let the world do it for us with our laziness and fear of being judged.

This is according to a surpising study performed by Axe.