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Is ryan from paranormal state dating anyone

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A lot of people have a real hate-on for Ryan Buell, the host of A&E’s Paranormal State and the author of this book about his experiences making the show. I never had much of an opinion of him either way except that I really loved the show, but now that I’ve read the book I have to tell you all, you seriously need to give the guy a break.The problem with any reality type TV show, as everyone should know, is with the editing.

With unparalleled candor, Ryan discusses the intriguing mysteries, the difficult decisions, and the struggles with questions of faith, sanity, and the very concept of reality.His writing style is very honest, genuine, and pleasantly conversational.He’s not the greatest writer who ever lived, and there are still a few issues with the editing, but there’s a warmth here that gives you the sense that he’s writing directly to you, and this is difficult to achieve. I gained a lot of respect for him, and when he drops a personal bombshell in the middle of the book I gained a lot of compassion for him too. He’s the kind of guy you want on your side, and to his clients that must be incredibly important. People have also accused the show of being too Catholic-leaning, and he addresses this as well.There’s no conspiracy here, it’s just common sense.Nor does Ryan ever try to convince anyone of the phenomenon on the show.You don’t have to be a believer in the paranormal to enjoy the book and the many insights within it.

He presents the facts simply as he experienced them, and when discussing his beliefs he’s always quick to offer differing points of view.

Follow Ryan Buell on his extraordinary journey as he seeks out the truth behind terrifying demonic disturbances, hauntings, and paranormal phenomena to solve unexplained mysteries that have been plaguing frightened families who have nowhere else to turn.

In Paranormal State, Buell gives readers a chilling, in-depth look at some of the most disturbing cases—including some that have never been aired—revealing startling new facts and incredible new discoveries.

The structure and the style make perfect sense and I believe that they accomplish exactly what Ryan set out to do here. Not preaching, not pushing, not trying to prove anything.

He’s just sharing his experiences the same way he would to a very good friend.

What became clear to me as I read was that what people perceive to be douchey-ness, is actually Ryan’s passion for his work and strong sense of integrity for the show.