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It perhaps even encourages the sort of obsessiveness that might lead to behavior like stalking or even sexual assault.

Across the board, for example, respondents had a 360% increase in risk for heart disease.She was educated at the Lycée Eugène Delacroix in Maisons-Alforts, without having waited for the certificate, she has gone to the capital.Do the aftereffects of traumatic events we suffered as children follow us into adulthood in a physical way?Like Eddy L, you can argue that there is conceptually no difference between this sort of behavior and simply fantasizing about strangers (or acquaintances) in your head.However, you can argue that moving from imagination to images on screens does represent a qualitative difference."If they don't use this tool they click and click forever until they find the doppelgänger in porn.

We just give them the tools right now to make that search easier." Eddy L added that there are already communities on sites like Reddit that are dedicated to finding lookalike porn stars and webcam performers based on users' photographs.

A collaboration between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Kaiser Permanente’s Health Appraisal Clinic in San Diego, the study canvassed 17,000 Health Maintenance Organization patients willing to offer extensive information about childhood experiences of neglect, family dysfunction, and abuse.

More than half the study respondents reported at least one category of childhood trauma, and a quarter of them reported more than two.

In the case of Microsoft's facial recognition tool, Face API, the company offers developers 30,000 free uses each month, with each 1,000 uses after costing $1.50 a batch.

Tech Crunch's Natasha Lomas notes that despite Mega Cams' promise to deliver "doppelgängers," the actual results produced by the tool are not that accurate.

Combine the two together and you can infer that it's theoretically easy to turn creepshots of strangers into pornographic models.