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In my previous post I forgot to mention minimal firewall and SSL configuration, but you can check it here.One of the most difficult pieces to move away from is Slack.

It has a very similar feature set to Slack and most importantly, it's written in Go.But then you have to commit to pay USD 8/month per user (USD 6.67 if you pay ahead of time).If you're a small team (around a dozen people) it's well worth it and you should definitely pay and get over with.If you have more than 20 people then it starts to become a conundrum.On my Git Lab cost calculations, some people argued that saving USD 15k yearly is not such a big deal, and they're not wrong.In my quest to create my own private infrastructure I've already moved away from Pivotal Tracker (saving this for a future post), Bitbucket, Github, Travis and into Git Lab and Git Lab Runner.

There are more services I will move away from in the future, so expect more posts like this.

For example, if you're an open source community, you would try Gitter instead.

There are also many other alternatives that you may want to try.

For small installations I really prefer to have Postgre SQL.

Mongo DB is competent, but for medium to big installations, and I will show you why below.

I could pay Slack already if I didn't care, so I would not just pay an alternative and not have full-control (including the ability to tweak and improve the entire code base). It's feature set also rivals Slack, it's good looking enough. Now, I don't have anything against Meteor and I really think a Slack-clone is exactly the kind of use case where you could use Meteor to its full potential.