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Jeff goldblum dating

An on-set source says, "She was a Manhattan ' It girl' for a while and was seen with Alec at this party and that opening, and it didn't go down well with the other girls." Reports earlier this year always claimed it was Kim who caused the problems, because her castmates disapproved of her using the show to sell her sex book Satisfaction: The Art Of The Female Orgasm.The insider adds, "All four are in one feud or another.

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Among the highlights are the seasoned comedy hit Only Fools and Horses and a new adventure for Robbie the Reindeer, Legends of the Lost Tribe.The Fly star Jeff Goldblum is the latest A-lister to agree to make a cameo in Golden Globe nominated series Friends.The heartthrob actor will appear in the show next February, in what is thought to be its final season, as the star of a movie Matt Le Blanc's character Joey is auditioning for.He takes up residence in an artist loft owned by his godfather, D. (Jeff Goldblum) -- a ruthlessly focused self-made man -- which is used by D. Igby then tumbles into a Manhattan demimonde that includes the dancer's friend (Jared Harris), a performance-artist who deals drugs, and the sexually vivacious Sookie Sapperstein (Claire Danes), an older, jaded Bennington student who launches an affair with Igby because she thinks he's "funny." But what does Igby want? Certainly nothing in his present life maintains a grip on him.His dad (Bill Pullman) resides in a mental hospital.The animation special's voice cast includes Jeff Goldblum, Jane Horrocks and Natalie Imbruglia.

» Brunette beauty Kristin Davis' high-profile love life has been causing tension on the set of hit TV comedy Sex And The City.

All are vibrant personalities, their discontent and dysfunction seen as a consequence of class, personal idiosyncrasies and too much time on their hands.

Steers puts everybody in his place but never puts anyone down.

And even though it's still in its prime, the show's going to call it a day." Earlier this month pregnant Cynthia, who plays lawyer Miranda Hobbes, said she believed the next series would be the last ever.

» The challenge facing not only United Artists' marketing mavens but reviewers is how to characterize the sly comic pull of writer-director Burr Steers' "Igby Goes Down".

One can make an even stronger comparison of "Igby" to Holden Caulfield in "The Catcher in the Rye", the ultimate confused, disillusioned teen in American fiction.