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They didn't speak, but I knew they were after my life. All these give legal grounds for these demons to torment us.

It is simple really, everything is energy (for education on the subject feel free to inquire at the email below).when i was a child, the drs just said that they were night terrors and that i would grow out of them.i am 27 yrs old now and still have them almost every night.I know what it feels like to stay up night after night, afraid of falling asleep. [email protected]: Ainex Starks Ever since I was a lil kid, i have had dreams (nightmares) about demons. And for the past 15yrs, i have been dreaming gruesome dreams. Now some of you may think Jesus has nothing to do with it, let me tell you one thing.If you would like to talk about your dreams, even just to get it off your chest, I will hear you out, talk with you and pray for you earnestly.I snaped out of my nightmare my wife had her hand on my chest and i was crying tears running and my heart was racing like i was running.

Later that week i gave my live to JESUS, its been about 10 years and to this day demons still try to enter my dreams but i have the power and the blood of JESUS to fight them off.

i would tell ppl,but most of them thought that i was just making up stories... yes, i am a nerd, but i am proud of it and would never lie about such things.

even my boyfriend dismissed my claims until the first night that we slept in the same bed.

one week i dreamed of different ways that my sister killed me; she used giant scorpions one night, turned into a demon and ripped my intrails out of my anus on another night etc... When my kids had bad dreams I prayed and fasted for a day and that seemed to be the end of it.

i have tried everything to get rid of them; red wine, rare fruits, relaxation, i dont drink caffeine, Ambien - dont recommend that one - it prevented me from waking up, not sleeping - just made me go into dream state sooner,i even tried smoking pot b4 bed - i dont usually do such things but i was desperate. There is something about fasting and imploring the Christian God that works if you have a relationship with Him.

Long story short, if your personal energy (your soul) is being attacked, intruded upon, or threatened in your dream state there are a few things that may help.