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Jerome dating paula

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He made a lot of enemies because of his temperament.To overcome these faults, he prayed and did penance.

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347-419) is most well-known as the father of the Latin Bible, the Vulgate.When that community broke up after three years Jerome went to the east.He met an old hermit named Malchus, who inspired the saint to live in a bare cell, dressed in sackcloth, studying the Scriptures. Then he returned to Antioch and was reluctantly ordained priest.It was at Trier that Jerome encountered the Eastern ideal of monasticism.Around 370 he left his career as a civil servant and returned to Italy, There he spent some time in Aquileia, where he lived in a monastic community which included Rufinus of Aquileia.But when Damasus died, his enemies forced the saint to leave Rome.

Accompanied by Paula and Eustochium, Jerome went to Bethlehem.

His canonization shows us that canonized saints aren't perfect, but have faults just like us.

They just worked on them and cooperated with grace more fully to overcome them.

However, the group was dissolved for unknown reasons.

Jerome set out for the east about 372; he initially stayed in Antioch where he perfected his Greek.

He was born as Eusebius Hieronymus in remote Strido on the border of Dalmatia.