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It was a comfortable place to be, and I was able to maintain those beliefs for a long time.It was not until I left the liberal leaning San Francisco Bay Area and moved to Central Oregon that I was hit again with the fundamentalist belief system.

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- Volume 12 11/07 - Family Guy - Season Fifteen 11/07 - The Wayans Bros. He plays the father of a guy trying to become a rap star (or something like that).But I still believed that god somehow was communicating his story to us through the bible in an imperfect and subtle way.I had a even harder time when looking at the atrocities god commanded the Israelites to commit, but I kind of ignored that and figured he must have decided that was the best way to deal with such a primitive people.I could not find a clean dividing line to separate the myth from the history.So I figured god must have used fallible humans to write the bible, so we did not need to treat it as if god dictated every word, and thus we could expect weirdness like that.By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, search, view attachments, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features.

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This time I looked at what ideas the myths were actually conveying, and I also wondered why I went to such extreme lengths to create such a convoluted mental framework where so many conflicting ideas could be forced to live together in my head.

I decided that if god was real, then he would meet me on my honest quest for truth.

I thought the message of Jesus was about love and helping the poor, and not about hating gay people or forcing my opinions on others.

I figured Paul was just an imperfect guy that god used for that time and place, so I did not need to listen to everything Paul wrote as if I was listening to god himself. I had the same problems with fundamentalism and the bible that all of us have, but I was able to kind of wish them away and pretend they were not there, as I let what I thought was god's spirit guide my life.

If the world had always been like that, then what was the point of Jesus' sacrifice?