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World Journal on Educational Technology, 3 (1), 16-27.

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This pilot case study analyzed 7- to 14-years old Finns’ (n = 80) perceptions by using web questionnaires and design workshops.After attending primary school, Koivisto worked a number of jobs, and at the beginning of the Winter War in 1939 joined a field firefighting unit at the age of 16.During the Continuation War, Koivisto served in the Infantry Detachment Törni led by Lauri Törni, which was a reconnaissance detachment operating behind enemy lines.The results are in line with research indicating that Finnish learners value aspects such as safety and peacefulness, the possibilities for rest and physical activity, the presence of nature, and good social relations.They also value versatile, personally meaningful and collaborative learning situations, including both traditional and novel tools and spaces for learning. Technology-Supported Educational Innovations in Finland and Hong Kong: A Tale of Two Systems. First, Finland and Hong Kong performed well in several international comparative studies of educational achievement.

The two systems were selected for this in-depth comparison for three main reasons.

In 1951 he became a primary school teacher; the following year he married Tellervo Kankaanranta (born 1929).

Together they had a daughter, Assi Koivisto, in 1957, who was later voted to the electoral college during the Finnish presidential election in 1982.

Third, further analysis of the case studies data indicated differences in emergent pedagogical characteristics between the cases collected in Asia and in Western Europe.

Second, the case studies collected via the SITES Module 2 indicated rather different profiles between Finnish and Hong Kong schools in terms of ICT infrastructure and pedagogical practices.

Firstly, are there systemic differences in the nature of the educational innovations across countries?