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I can see honoring Dumbledore because he was such a huge influence on Harry's life, but I don't think Snape deserved that honor.

I enjoy reading fanfics that have Harry and Ginny get together earlier than in canon, but it gets a bit creepy when people have 12 year olds snogging all over the castle.All of my stories are Harry/Ginny and have some element of romance or friendship between the two of them.I will not pair either of them with anyone else except in brief relationships like Michael Corner or Dean Thomas or OCs.I'd love to improve my writing so any reviews are appreciated. I actually started reading Harry Potter after listening to one of the parents at work reading the first book to their child.It sounded very interesting and I got the books for myself. I loved all of the books, but if I had to pick one favorite, I would have to pick .She and Ginny certainly became friends and I'm sure shared a lot of confidences while sharing a room during the summers from the fourth book on, but I can't see that they were best friends.

When Ron and Lavender started snogging all over the castle, Hermione went to the library for comfort not Ginny.

I think the Dursleys were much more physically abusive towards their nephew - if you can grab him around the throat or swing a frying pan at his head, not to mention starving him and locking him in a cupboard, I think there is a lot more going on.

I think Dudley might eventually come around, but I think Petunia and Vernon are past saving. He is also lazy and spoiled rotten - he whines about Hermione beating him in school and Harry beating him in Quidditch and instead of working harder, he wants his father to help him.

He claims to have loved Lily, but when he realized she was in danger his first impulse was to go to Voldemort to ask him to spare her, just kill her husband and son.

He may have grudgingly helped Dumbledore, but he obviously hated Harry for being his father's son and chose to use his position as teacher to bully and torment a boy who never knew his father. For example making the Marauders and the Weasley parents friends.

Hermione is a brilliant and very book smart, but she does not have the best people skills and she doesn't know much about relationships.